algeriaAlgeria (Arabic: الجزائر‎‎ al-Jazā'ir), officially the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a sovereign state in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast.


angolaThe people of Angola are stoics. They have a deep understanding of patience, and avoid blaming the difficulties the country faces on the fact that there was war.


beninBenin is a great country to visit on any West African itinerary. You'll find a large quantity of palatial ruins and temples of the once powerful Kingdom of Dahomey.


botswanaWildlife is Botswana's main draw. Wildlife parks compose nearly one-fifth of the country. In these parks you will find lions, cheetahs, crocodiles, hippos, elephants.

Burkina Faso

burkina_fasoBurkina Faso is one of the friendliest - and until recently, one of the safest - countries in all of Africa. Although it receives only a small number of tourists per year.


burundiThe Twa, Hutu and Tutsi peoples have lived in Burundi for at least 500 years. For more than 200 of those years, Burundi was an independent kingdom.


cameroonCameroon is home to more than 1738 different linguistic groups. French and English are the official languages. Often referred to as "Africa in miniature"

Cape Verde

cape_verdeThe Cape Verde archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 570 kilometres (350 mi) off the western coast of the African continent, near Senegal.


central_african_republicMost of the CAR consists of Sudano-Guinean savannas, but also includes a Sahelo-Sudanian zone in the north and an equatorial forest zone in the south.


chadChad has several regions: a desert zone in the north, an arid Sahelian belt in the centre and a more fertile Sudanian Savanna zone in the south.


comorosThe Comoros, officially the Union of the Comoros , is a sovereign archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean located at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel.


republic_of_the_congoThe Republic of the Congo, also known as theCongo Republic,Congo-Brazzaville or simply Congo, is a country located in Central Africa.

D. R. Congo

democratic_republic_of_the_congo_The Democratic Republic of the Congo remains a destination for only the most seasoned, hardcore African traveller. It is not a country for the casual "tourist":


djiboutiDjibouti is strategically located near some of the world's busiest shipping lanes, controlling access to the Red Sea and Indian Ocean.


egyptEgypt has among the longest histories of any modern country, emerging as one of the world's first nation states in the tenth millennium BC.

Equatorial Guinea

equatorial_guineaEquatorial Guinea , officially the Republic of Equatorial Guinea is a country located in Central Africa, with an area of 28,000 square kilometres.


eritrea Eritrea is a relatively small country (by African standards), about the same size as Pennsylvania or England, but it has a varied and contrasting landscape.


ethiopiaEthiopia is a multilingual nation with around 80 ethnolinguistic groups, the four largest of which are the Oromo, Amhara, Somali, and Tigrayans.


Gabon , officially the Gabonese Republic , is a sovereign state on the west coast of Central Africa. Located on the equator, Gabon is bordered by Equatorial Guinea.


gambiaThe Gambia is situated on either side of the Gambia River, the nation's namesake, which flows through the centre of the Gambia.


ghanaGhana, officially the Republic of Ghana, is a sovereign unitary presidential constitutional democracy, located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean.


guineaThe country is named after the Guinea region. Guinea is a traditional name for the region of Africa that lies along the Gulf of Guinea.


guinea_bissauGuinea-Bissau , is a country in West Africa. It covers 36,125 square kilometres (13,948 sq mi) with an estimated population of 1,704,000.

Ivory Coast

cote_d_IvoireIvory Coast , officially named the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (French: République de Côte d'Ivoire), is a country located in West Africa.


kenyaKenya has some of the world's best game reserves where you can go for a safari, and see some of the finest African flora and fauna.


lesothoLesotho , officially the Kingdom of Lesotho (Sotho: 'Muso oa Lesotho), is an enclaved, landlocked country in southern Africa completely surrounded by South Africa.


liberiaLiberia , officially the Republic of Liberia, is a country on the West African coast. Liberia means "Land of the Free" in Latin.Liberia is situated in West Africa.


libyaWith an area of almost 1.8 million square kilometres (700,000 sq mi), Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa, and is the 16th largest country in the world.


madagascarMadagascar, officially the Republic of Madagascar, and previously known as the Malagasy Republic, is an island country in the Indian Ocean.


malawiMalawi , officially the Republic of Malawi, is a landlocked country in southeast Africa.Malawi is among the smallest countries in Africa.


maliMali was once part of three West African empires that controlled trans-Saharan trade: the Ghana Empire, the Mali Empire , and the Songhai Empire.


mauritaniaMauritania is a land about desert and ocean. It is of course no wonder that the main attractions for most tourists are the desert, and the ocean in Banc d'Arguin


mauritiusMauritius , is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) off the southeast coast of the African continent.


moroccoTourism is one of the most important sectors in Moroccan economy, it is well developed with a strong tourist industry focused on the country's coast, culture..


mozambiqueFrom the 2,436m Monte Binga peak to the stunning beaches along the coast, Mozambique is a country of contrasts. As well as some of the best colonial...


namibiaNamibia being overall one of the least densely populated countries in the world. Namibia enjoys high political, economic and social stability.


nigerNigerien society reflects a diversity drawn from the long independent histories of its several ethnic groups and regions and their short period living in a single state.


nigeriaNigeria is often referred to as the "Giant of Africa", owing to its large population and economy. With approximately 184 million inhabitants.


rwandaRwanda , officially the Republic of Rwanda , is a sovereign state in central and east Africa and one of the smallest countries on the African mainland.

Sao Tome and Principe

sao_tome_and_principeSão Tomé and Príncipe , is a Portuguese-speaking island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast of Central Africa.


senegalSenegal is the westernmost country in the mainland of the Old World,and owes its name to the Senegal River, which borders it to the east and north.


seychellesThe warm Indian Ocean waters make Seychelles the perfect place for water enthusiasts. Explore on the board of a yacht, power boat, catamaran or sailboat.

Sierra Leone

sierra_leoneAbout sixteen ethnic groups inhabit Sierra Leone, each with its own language and customs.


somaliaSomalia, officially the Federal Republic of Somalia, is a country located in the Horn of Africa.

South Africa

south_africaSouth Africa is a multiethnic society encompassing a wide variety of cultures, languages, and religions.

South Sudan

south sudanSouth Sudan ,  is a landlocked country in East-Central Africa that gained its independence from Sudan in 2011.


sudanSudan , also known as North Sudan and officially the Republic of the Sudan, is a country in northeastern Africa.


swazilandSwaziland is well known for its culture. Umhlanga, held in August/September andincwala.


tanzaniaTanzania, officially the United Republic of Tanzania , is a large country in Eastern Africa within the African Great Lakes region.


togoTogo , officially the Togolese Republic , is a country in West Africa bordered by Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Fasoto the north.


tunisiaThere are several ways to enjoy your vacation in Tunisia, including spending your vacation on the gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, or planning a circuit of Tunisia.


ugandaUganda takes its name from the Buganda kingdom, which encompasses a large portion of the south of the country, including the capital Kampala.


zambiaThe Republic of Zambia  is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, neighbouring the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north.


zimbabweZimbabwe , officially the Republic of Zimbabwe, is a landlocked sovereign state located in southern Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers.


In Algiers, most of the interesting sights are in the old part of the city known as the Casbah or Medina.


Luanda, the capital of Angola, is on the Atlantic coast. Its current renaissance is a truly inspiring success story.


Porto-Novo was once a tributary of the Yoruba kingdom of Oyo and there continues to be a sizable Yoruba community in Porto Novo today.


From a dusty one horse town in the 1960s Gaborone is now a substantial city of 400,000.


Ouagadougou is the capital of Burkina Faso and the administrative, communications, cultural and economic centre of the nation.


Bujumbura's main attractions consist of its many beaches, parks and monuments.


Yaoundé is the capital of Cameroon and, with a population of approximately 2.5 million, the second largest city in the country after the port city Douala.


Praia meaning "beach", in both Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole, Praia is a good destination for surfing and water skiing.


Bangui is the capital and largest city of the Central African Republic. As of 2012 it had an estimated population of 734,350.


N'Djamena is the capital and largest city of Chad. It is a regional market for livestock, salt, dates, and grains.


Moroni is the largest city, federal capital and seat of the government of the Union of the Comoros, a sovereign archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean.


Brazzaville is located on the Congo River. Brazzaville can be a pleasant stopover to Pointe Noire or visits to the Congolese rain forests.


While sprawling, chaotic and often intimidating, Kinshasa is also a major cultural and intellectual center for Central Africa.

Djibouti city

Djibouti is the capital and largest city of Djibouti,Known as the "Pearl of the Gulf of Tadjoura", the city's sandy beaches are popular tourist attractions.


Alexandria is a main summer resort and tourist attraction, due to its beaches and ancient history and Museums, especially the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.


Aswan is a busy market and tourist centre located just north of the Aswan Dams on the east bank of the Nile at the first cataract.


Though firmly attached to the past, Cairo is also home to a vibrant modern society.Cairo is one of few cities in the Muslim world which has several casinos.


Dahab attracts large numbers of tourists.It is world-renowned for its windsurfing. SCUBA diving, free-diving and snorkelling are also popular activities.


Giza is most famous as the location of the Giza Plateau: the site of some of the most impressive ancient monuments in the world.


Hurghada was once a fairly small and unimposing fishing village, located next to the Red Sea and boasting a number of superb beaches.


Luxor has much to offer the traveller, from vast temples, to ancient royal tombs, via spectacular desert and river scenery and a bustling modern life.

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is a well-known port and resort town at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, popular with package holiday makers and divers.


Malabo is the capital of Equatorial Guinea and the province of Bioko Norte. It is located on the north coast of the island of Bioko.


Asmara is a vibrant mix of Italian and African architecture and culture. Asmara has grown to become a bustling city of over half a million people.

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is often referred to as "the political capital of Africa" due to its historical, diplomatic and political significance for the continent.


Libreville is a place where people are very laid back and take things slowly. Don't worry about time and plans, and enjoy the city.


Banjul is the second largest city in and capital of Gambia.Banjul has become very popular as a package holiday with British and other European visitors.


Accra is the capital and largest city of Ghana. Accra is the tourist hub, sporting a wide variety of hotels, monuments, museums and nightclubs.


Conakry is the capital and largest city of Guinea. Conakry is a port city on the Atlantic Ocean and serves as the economic, and cultural centre of Guinea.


Bissau is the capital city of Guinea-Bissau. Bissau is located on the Geba River estuary, off the Atlantic Ocean, and is Guinea-Bissau's largest city.


Abidjan is a unique city in Africa. Its nicknames, "Manhattan of the tropics", "Small Manhattan" , explain the city's unpredictable and triumphant image.


Filled to the brim with French colonial charm, Grand-Bassam is a town within the Lagunes region of Côte d'Ivoire. In 2012, it was made a UNESCO WHS.


Yamoussoukro is the capital of Côte d'Ivoire and is perhaps the single most bizarre modern city on Earth.


Machakos has a beautiful hilly scenery that is perfect for camping and hiking. It is also the home town of some of the world's most beautiful sculptures.


Malindi is a town on Malindi Bay at the mouth of the Galana River, lying on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. Tourism is the major industry in Malindi.


Mombasa is Kenya's main tourist destination. Mombasa offers a diverse marine life, world-class hotels and friendly atmosphere.


Nairobi is known as the safari capital of Africa. The city is filled with many things to do during the day and the night.


Naivasha is a popular tourist destination. Hell's Gate National Park (the main locations for Lion King) are modelled after the park.


Although there isn't a huge deal to see in Maseru, it is well worth stopping here upon entry into Lesotho to stock up before venturing further in.


Monrovia is the capital city of Liberia. Located on the Atlantic Coast at Cape Mesurado. Monrovia is Liberia's cultural, political and financial hub.


Prior to the conflicts of 2011, Tripoli had a reputation as a good place to escape from the pressures of today's modern life.


Antananarivo is the capital and largest city in Madagascar.Antananarivo is the political, economic, educational and cultural heart of Madagascar.


Lilongwe is the largest and capital city of Malawi.The city is located in the central region of Malawi, near the borders with Mozambique and Zambia.


Bamako is the capital and largest city of Mali, with a population of 1.8 million. It was estimated to be the fastest growing city in Africa.


Nouakchott (place of the winds) is the capital and by far the largest city of Mauritania. It is one of the largest cities in the Sahara.


Baie-du-Tombeau is a village in Mauritius located in the Pamplemousses District, situated near the Rivière du Tombeau.

Grand Gaube

Grand Gaube is a town located in the Rivière du Rempart District, northern Mauritius. It lies on the coast of the Indian Ocean.


Mahébourg is a small city (population 15,753 as of 2000) on the southeastern coast of the island of Mauritius. It is considered the main village of the Grand Port District.

Port Louis

Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius.Port-Louis is full of numerous buildings and monuments that reflect its rich and diverse colonial history.


Tamarin is a village on the western coast of Mauritius. It has long been the seat of the council district of Rivière Noire (Black River).


Vacoas-Phoenix also known as French: Villes Jumelles (Twin Cities), is a town in Mauritius, located in the Plaines Wilhems District, the eastern part also lies in the Moka District.


The city is surrounded by the Anti Atlas, the Sahara Desert, many natural parks, and secluded beaches which are all easily accessible from Agadir.


Casablanca may be the cosmopolitan, industrial and economic heart of Morocco, and largest city, but it is one of the less endearing of the country's sights.


Essaouira formerly known as Mogador, is a coastal city in Morocco.Once a hippie hangout, Jimmie Hendrix and Cat Stevens spent some time here.


Fez is the medieval capital of Morocco, and a great city of high Islamic civilization. Fez has the best-preserved old city in the Arab world,


Marrakesh is the main tourist destination in Morocco. Its location and contrasting landscape has made it an enviable destination in Morocco.


Rabat is the capital of Morocco. It is one of four Imperial cities of Morocco, and the medina of Rabat is listed as a World Heritage site.


People in Maputo are generally out and about in the streets, walking, driving and getting on with life. The vibe is healthy and active.


Windhoek is the city where most safaris travelling through Namibia begin, and also the first point of entry in Namibia should you arrive by airplane.


Niamey, the capital of Niger, is a lively, fairly modern city. Niamey lies on the banks of the Niger River in the far southwest of Niger.


Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. Abuja city is quite beautiful. One of few purpose-built cities in the world planned and built from scratch.


The city, with its adjoining conurbation, is the largest city on the African continent. Lagos has a number of sandy beaches by the Atlantic Ocean.


As a clean, comfortable and ordered city, Kigali is very popular with long term expats, and the city is teeming with westerners.

Sao Tome

Sao Tome is the capital city of São Tomé and Príncipe and is by far the nation's largest town. Its name is Portuguese for "Saint Thomas".


Dakar is the capital and largest city of Senegal and is often regarded as the cultural and commercial center of French-speaking West Africa.


Victoria is the capital city of the Seychelles and is situated on the north-eastern side of Mahé island, the archipelago's main island.


Freetown is the capital city of Sierra Leone and is the heart of the Western region.The beaches are beautiful and unspoilt.


Mogadishu known locally as Xamar , is the largest and capital city of Somalia.A devastating civil war has ruined this once beautiful city.


Bloemfontein is the capital city of the province of Free State of South Africa; and, as the judicial capital, one of South Africa's three national capitals.

Cape Town

Cape Town is the most popular tourist destination in South Africa.This is due to its good climate, natural setting, and well-developed infrastructure.


Durban is seen as one of the major centres of tourism because of the city's warm subtropical climate and extensive beaches.


Johannesburg and environs offer various options to visitors wishing to view wildlife. The Johannesburg Zoo is one of the largest in South Africa.

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth, nicknamed "The Friendly City" is a major sea port and tourist destination set along the beautiful shores of Nelson Mandela Bay.


Pretoria has over the years had very diverse cultural influences and this is reflected in the architectural styles that can be found in the city.


Soweto is a township of the city of Johannesburg in Gauteng, South Africa, bordering the city's mining belt in the south.


Juba is a fast growing city and capital of the newly formed country of South Sudan. Juba is on the White Nile river.


Divided by the Niles, Khartoum is a tripartite metropolis with an estimated overall population of over five million people


Mbabane, with an estimated population of 94,874 , is the capital and largest city in Swaziland.


Dodoma is the national capital of Tanzania and the capital of Dodoma Region, with a population of 410,956.


Notable landmarks in the city include Lome Grand Market, the Togo National Museum in the Palais de Congrés, a Fetish (voodoo) Market, beaches..


Hammamet is the oldest touristic center in the country. All resorts in Tunis have wonderful parks but even among them Hammamet stands out with its luxurious gardens.


Kelibia often referred to as Calibia by European writers, is a coastal town on the Cap Bon peninsula, Nabeul Governorate in the far north-eastern part of Tunisia.


Monastir is a city in Tunisia and one of the best tourist destinations in Africa. Set along a superb coastline with a blue sea and long golden sandy beaches.


Sousse is an important tourist resort. It has a hot semi-arid climate, with the seaside location moderating the climate, making it an all-season resort.


Tunis is both the capital and the largest city of Tunisia. Located on the Mediterranean coast but lacking much in the way of beaches.


The people of Kampala, and Ugandans in general, are very kind, friendly and approachable. Kampala feels safe to walk around, even at night,


One of the fastest-developing cities in Southern Africa, Lusaka is located in the southern part of the central plateau at an elevation of about 1,279 m


Harare is the capital and most populous city of Zimbabwe.Once a city of modern buildings, wide thoroughfares, numerous parks and gardens.