Cape Town International Airport (CPT)

Airport in South Africa, Africa


​Cape Town International Airport is Africa’s 3rd largest airport. It is also Africa’s premier tourist and VIP destination and has established a reputation as Africa’s premier international award-winning airport, consistently performing among the best in the world for service in its category. Located approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) from the city centre, the airport was opened in 1954 to replace Cape Town's previous airport, Wingfield Aerodrome. Cape Town International Airport is the only airport in the Cape Town metropolitan area that offers scheduled passenger services. The airport has domestic and international terminals, linked by a common central terminal.


The airport has direct flights from South Africa's other two main urban areas, Johannesburg and Durban, as well as flights to smaller centres in South Africa. Internationally, it has direct flights to several destinations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The air route between Cape Town and Johannesburg was the world's ninth-busiest air route in 2011 with an estimated 4.5 million passengers.

Airlines & Destinations




Cape Town International Airport is approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) from the city centre and is accessible from the N2 freeway, with Airport Approach Road providing a direct link between the N2 (at exit 16) and the airport. The airport can also be indirectly accessed from the R300 freeway via the M12, M10 and M22.

The airport provides approximately 1,424 parking bays in the general parking area, and 1,748 parking bays in the multi-storey parkade located near the domestic terminal. A new parkade, which is located near the international terminal, and provides an additional 4,000 bays, was opened in 2010. The airport also offers a valet parking service.

Public transport

The MyCiTi bus rapid transit system provides a shuttle service connecting the airport with the Civic Centre bus station in the city centre. Buses depart every 20 minutes from 04:20 to 22:00. Transport to and from the airport is also provided by metered taxis and various private shuttle companies.

Rail link

There is no direct rail access to Cape Town International Airport. The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa has proposed a 4 km (2.5 mi) rail link between the airport and Cape Town's existing suburban rail network.


The airport has two terminals linked by the central terminal.

Central Terminal

The terminal building has a split-level design, with departures located in the upper floors and arrivals in the lower floors; an elevated roadway system provides vehicular access to both departures and arrivals levels. All check-in takes place within the Central Terminal Building, which contains 120 check-in desks and 20 self-service kiosks.Passengers then pass through a consolidated security screening area before dividing.Passengers flying internationally head to the northern part of the airport which is the international terminal, and passengers flying to other parts of South Africa head to the southern part of the airport to the domestic terminal

The terminal has 10 air bridges, evenly split between domestic and international usage. Sections of lower levels of the domestic and international terminals are used for transporting passengers via bus to and from remotely parked aircraft.

Arriving passengers collect luggage in the old sections of their respective terminals, before proceeding through new passageways to the new Central Terminal Building. The terminal contains an automated baggage handling system, capable of handling 30,000 bags per hour.

Retail outlets are located on the lower (arrivals) level of the terminal at landside, as well as airside at the departure gates. Retail outlets are diverse, including foreign exchange services, bookstores, clothing retailers, grocery stores, souvenir outlets and duty-free in international departures. Restaurants within the terminal building are located on the upper (3rd) level above the departures level, which includes what is purported to be the largest Spur restaurant on the African continent, at 1,080 m2 (11,600 sq ft). The restaurant level overlooks the airside of the terminal, where a glass curtain wall separates the patrons from the planes 3 storeys below. On the 4th floor is where the airports lounges are situated. The Bidvest as well as South African Airways lounges can be found.

International Terminal

The international terminal is located on the northern side of the airport. Customs and Immigration facilities, lounges, duty free shops, restaurants, prayer rooms, conference rooms, airline offices, and chapels are located in the terminal.

Domestic Terminal

Located on the southern side of the airport, it has the same facilities as the international terminal with exception of Immigration facilities.

Accommodation & Hotels

Car parks

Though the public car parks are owned by Airports Company South Africa, the management is contracted out to a specialist car park operator. Katanga Parking Services is the company contracted by Airports Company South Africa to manage the public car parks at Cape Town International Airport.  This also includes administering the valet services.

Two parkades are situated on either side of the Transport Plaza as follows: Parkade P1 lies to the North of the terminal building and consists of five storeys.  It contains 4050 parking bays with 6 elevators and 8 escalators.  There are 14 dedicated parking bays per floor available for persons with disabilities.

P1 - Parkade 1 Pick-Up [GROUND FLOOR]

With a five-star rating for convenience and  a 30-minute free grace period is allowed for airport users collecting passengers. Parking for the physically challenged is located close to the entrance lobby and Long Stay only for the physically challenged is on this floor. Wheel chair friendly pay-stations are conveniently located in the lobby area.

P2 - Parkade P2 lies to the South and contains 1 749 parking bays with four elevators on five storeys. Airport users with mobility restrictions requiring special access to the terminal or a wheelchair can contact the Landside hotline on 021 - 935 3737.

Shade Parking P3 and P4 are located on either side of the centralised car rental facility and can be accessed via the pedestrian subways.  There are a total of 1600 parking bays in the shade parking including the Long Stay parking P5. Long stay parking is aimed at users parking for 5 days or more- the parking offering is limited to 189 bays and is operated strictly on a first come first served basis.

Long Stay Parking Special Needs Passengers

Cape Town International Airport introduced a Long Stay Parking option for Special Needs Passengers (SNP) on the ground floor of Parkade P1.  This is to ensure that a long stay parking option is also available to our SNP and that it is closer to the terminal for ease of access for the users.

Long Stay parking is the most economic product for passengers leaving their vehicles for more than five days. In consultation with QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA), we have introduced Long Stay parking for special needs passengers.

Should you wish to access this service, kindly contact Katanga Parking Management on 021 936 3612/3 or Airports Company South Africa's Landside Hotline 021 - 935 3737. A prepaid access card will be issued and users just have to upload money on the card. Parking rates will be calculated as the same rates of the general Long Stay Parking in P5.

All parking facilities are equipped with state of the art CCTV cameras and both Parkades have a system that displays the number of parking bays available.

Payment for parking is done only at the parking payment units placed conveniently on the ground floor of the parkade buildings and at the landings at the shaded parking areas.  The parking pay-stations at Cape Town International Airport accommodate cash payments, payments made by major credit cards and now accepts all debit cards as well with the new Chip 'n Pin facility. Parking attendants are on hand to assist with any problems.

Through our service provider Katanga Parking Services and for the passenger's convenience, a battery 'jump start' service and 'flat tyre' assistance is provided. To make use of this service, dial 021 936 3612/3 and one of the courteous managers will direct your call to the Katanga Patrol Vehicle that will promptly assist and have you on your way again.

Parkade 2 Services

  • A-Teck - +27 (0)72 384 2954
  • Katanga Parking Service - +27 (0)21 936 3612
  • SA Post Office - +27 (0)21 934 2211
  • Katanga Executive Parking - +27 (0)21 936 3600/1/2
  • Cape Executive Parking - +27 (0)21 936 3480
  • APS Valet Service - +27 (0)21 556 8552
  • Automotion -  +27 (0)21 385 1445​​​

Internet, Comunication

Airports Company South Africa has launched a free Wi-Fi service for passengers in the boarding  areas of its nine airports. Users of the service will have either 4 hours  of Wi-Fi connection or 1gig of data available at no charge. Once the 4 hours have lapsed, or 1gig of data is reached, users will be invited to top up the facility on a pay-as-you-go basis.  This complimentary service is provided as a value-add to enhance the passenger experience at each  of the company’s airports and entrench the position of Airports Company South Africa as a world-class airport owner and operator.
AS EASY as 1-2-3
To get on line at any [email protected] Wi-Fi Hotspots, your laptop, smartphone or tablet should either have build in support for Wi-Fi or be equipped with a Wi-Fi network card.
1. Connect to “[email protected]” Network
There is Wi-Fi available throughout the terminal to help you stay in touch or plan your travels;
To connect to the [email protected] Wi-Fi Network your device’s wireless card must be switched on;
Select the network called “[email protected]”. Follow the on screen instructions.
2.  Browse the Internet
Open you web browser of choice and navigate to any website, i.e.
Your browser will be redirected to the [email protected] login page. Choose complimentary access;
You are required to register and for verification processes your email address is required;
Once you’ve completed registration you can enjoy your 4 hours or 1gig, whichever comes first.
3. Need more than 4 hours?
You may continue to use Wi-Fi on a pay as you go basis.
Purchased access can be used at any [email protected] Hotspots throughout South Africa.

Things to know

Special needs passengers

Passengers with mobility restrictions requiring special access can contact the Landside hotline number on +27 (0) 21 935 3737 and use the same hotline to organise a wheelchair to take them from the terminal to their car. Wheelchairs are not available in parkades or shaded parking areas, kindly contact +27 (0) 21 935 3737 to arrange a wheelchair which should be collected at the Information Desks located on the ground floor and check-in area of the Central Terminal Building. Kindly ensure you have your ID when you collect.

Special needs passengers should also contact their respective airline 48 hours in advance to arrange for wheelchair assistance from the check-in desks to the aircraft and from the aircraft to the arrival halls. Airports Company South Africa accepts no liability for any injuries caused by the use of Airport Company South Africa or airline wheelchair.

Information Desk

​You can check flight times and details by:

  • Calling +27 (0)86 727 7888 for Airports Company South Africa's automated flight-information service
  • Calling the Airports Company South Africa information desk, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on +27 (0)11 921 6262
  • Using your mobile phone to send an SMS containing the flight number to the number 35007, in reply to which you will receive up-to-date flight details.


Domestic departures terminal

  • South African Airways - +27 (0)21 936 2245
  • British Airways - Terraces - +27 (0)21 936 2592
  • The Premier Lounge - +27 (0)21 936 3014

The Premier Lounge is open to any passenger, no matter the airline or ticket class. You can pay per visit or buy a pre-paid card for six or more visits.

International departures terminal

  • South African Airways - +27 (0)21 936 2245
  • British Airways – Terraces - +27 (0)21 936 2592
  • The Premier Lounge - +27 (0)21 936 2127/8

The Premier Lounge is open to any passenger, no matter the airline or ticket class. You can pay per visit or buy a pre-paid card for six or more visits.

Smokers' lounge

This lounge, in the international departures terminal, is managed by British American Tobacco and offers Internet access. Entrance is free.

Protocol Lounge

The Protocol Lounge, operated by the Department of International Relation and Cooperation, is adjacent to the northern side of the international departures terminal.
Tel: + 27 (0)21 937 1233