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For the international traveller, Burundi offers some culinary surprises — fresh fish from Lake Tanganyika and produce from the nation's rich volcanic soil are particularly notable. There is a sizeable South Asian community, offering curried dishes alongside the more traditional rice and beans, and French-inspired European offerings. For lighter meals, samosas and skewered meats are common, and bananas and fresh fruit are often served as a sweet snack.

The national dish is beef brochettes (kebabs) and grilled plantains (cooking bananas) available almost everywhere.

Other signature dishes are:

  • Mealie-Meal Porridge
  • Sangala fish garnished with onions and stewed beef



Soft drinks and beer are readily available. As in Rwanda and DRC, big 72cl Primus bottles are available for between USD1-2 as well as Amstel, which is about USD2. Both are locally produced and of good quality.

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