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There are 24 cities in Cape Verde.

  • Praia – the capital, on Santiago Island
  • Mindelo – port city on São Vicente, probably the country's liveliest
  • Cidade Velha (Ribeira Grande) – A historic town on Santiago
  • Espargos is the capital of Sal where the airport is and Santa Maria is the main tourist area at the south of the island
  • Assomada is the seat of municipality of Santa Catarina on Santiago
  • Santa Maria - former administrative capital and the most populous city on Sal
  • São Filipe capital of island Fogo


Cape Verde is formed by 10 main islands and about 8 islets. The main islands are (clockwise from northwest):

  Santo Antão Great hiking.
  São Vicente With the cultural capital of Mindelo.
  Santa Luzia Santa Luzia is uninhabited but can be visited as a day trip from São Vicente.
  São Nicolau
  Sal Has great beaches, water sports and resorts aplenty. But little else.
  Boa Vista Even nicer beaches.
  Santiago Island The first island settled in Cape Verde. It holds the current capital Praia, the original capital Cidade Velha, and the bulk of the nation's population.
  Fogo A spectacular volcano island which erupted as recently as 2014.
  Brava A small island only accessible by boat and is a great place to get away from it all.

Other destinations

  • Brava, the smallest island, is a botanist's paradise, home to many unique flora that live in its misty forests
  • Pico de Fogo - an active volcano on Fogo that has created a unique landscape best explored on foot or horseback

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