Beaches in Dahab

Lagoona Beach

This beach is just a 10-minute ride by taxi from the center of Dahab. This area is perfect for tourists to snorkel and scuba dive and is a starting point for diving tours. Windsurfing is one of the favorite activities at this beach.

People form excursions to nearby coral reefs and underground caves that are near to many Dahab beaches. Patrons who want to join the deep sea diving excursions are encouraged to get proper training and a diving course as a security precaution. 

Palm Beach

Palm Beach has a distinct color when it comes to its sands and and its waters. The sands of Palm Beach are gray and the waters have a blueish color. People can enjoy the weather and lie on the beach to sunbathe. The most active and daring crowd can surf the waves and swim in the dark blue waters of Palm Beach. People can also ride horses.

There are different parasols and picnic areas for the whole family. The beach runs along the Mediterranean Sea of Algeria.

Dahab Bay

This bay is separated from Saudi Arabia by the Gulf of Aqaba. The beach is approximately 60 minutes away from Sharm el Sheikh Airport. The flat waters and the low intensity of the waves make this the perfect scenario for speed windsurfing. 

Divers flock to Dahab to view the variety of marine wild life. One of this sea creatures is the pipe fish which is a close relative of the seahorse. There are different hoops near the beach that are tied to concrete pieces. These hoops are ideal for divers to test their buoyancy.

Bay of Assalah

This bay is adjacent to the village of Assalah and is also known as "Fun Park." Surfers love this bay because it offers a variety of winds--from strong winds for the most seasoned surfers to mild for beginners. 

This is a good place to meet the Bedouin population. There are many times that the locals offer tourists rides to the mountains and to a nearby oasis. Most of the time tourists get a chance to travel on a camel's back.  The camel rides are a good activity to do on any of the many Dahab beaches.

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