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Food & Restaurants in Dahab

The trick to eating cheaply in Dahab is to avoid seafront establishments and use restaurants inland, along and beyond the pedestrian zone, where identical meals are regularly on offer for half the seafront price.

  • Budget places. In the side streets, you can eat at very low prices (4-24LE) such as falafel, koshari, chicken at the "King Chicken", though King Chicken has different prices for Egyptians and foreigners. Fish Market has fish meals for 30LE - the prices shown for fish are per kilo (not per fish), haggle for a better price. There is a falafel, foul, etc., stall on the main road (Peace Road), at 2LE per sandwich. The Koshary place on Peace Road has good koshary. In Assalah (the Egyptian side) a fish meal cooked for you will usually be between 15LE and 25LE. Agree on a price at the start.
  • Ali Baba Restaurant. Ali Baba Restaurant is a very high-standard restaurant, serving local seafood, grill, local and international dishes. It has certificates for cleanliness and is constantly re-inventing itself. 
  • The Kitchen RestaurantMasbat Bay (Between the bridge and the big supermarket),  +20 195959764. 12:00-24:00. The Kitchen Restaurant offers authentic and modern Thai, Chinese, Indiian and Sushi in a delicate dining environment. The restaurant is certified for international food and health safety and highly rated among travellers on Tripadvisor. Also for take-out and delivery."
  • Blue Beach Restaurant. Located at the Blue Beach Hotel on the beach front, provides comfortable eating with an extensive and interesting menu. The food is well cooked and the steaks in particular are renowned in Dahab. The restaurant is inside and provides warm shelter in the winter and a cool environment in the hot summer months. Can also cater for large groups.
  • Buddha Restaurant and Cafe,  +20 108638537. For the best quality steak and fresh seafood, this restaurant in the Lighthouse area is now the place to eat in Dahab. Clean toilets provided and sun loungers during the day, this is a very relaxed and friendly establishment. Romantic by the Red Sea but can also cater for groups / weddings.
  • Dai Pescatori,  +20 127972361. Owned and managed by Egyptians. At Sheikh Salem House at the very northern end of the promenade, good Italian food, especially the mixed appetizers, and the semi-fredo desert.
  • Eel Garden. At the northern end of the promenade, sitting on nice bedouin coussins, friendly staff, good food European and Egyptian you won't find everywhere, e.g. mashi, couscous, sahlab. Weekly BBQ. Sunbeds and private beach.
  • El Dorado. Also at the northern end of the promenade, with its own beach. Owned by Italians, who serve excellent Italian fare, with pizzas to die for! Especially popular with the locals. Be careful when receiving the check, as the owner of the place has his own ideas about what to charge, should you have any special request.
  • Friends Restaurant. One of many effectively identical beachfront restaurants offering the same Arabic fare at the same prices.
  • Jumas Wadi Bidar Bedouin Dinner Traditional Bedouin dinner cooked in the desert on an open fire. Juma a Bedouin from the Muziena tribe makes excellent food in his wadi close to Dahab with views of Dahab town and Saudi Arabia. Prices start from 80 EGP per person for a tasty feast including transport. Booking via Desert Divers, Sheikh Salem House or Blue Beach. There is also the option to go to dinner on a camel, by jeep, by horse, hike (30 mins from Dahab town centre or even by quad bike!).
  • The Lazy Camel Cafe Assalah Beach at the end of the beach footpath just north of the Eel Garden Dive Site. Serves a great mix of Bedouin/Middle Eastern/European food including home made beef burgers, Bedouin wrap sandwiches and daily chefs specials. Free wireless internet for customers and one of the nicest views in Dahab.
  • Leila's Bakery. German bakery, tasty breads, sandwiches, salads and cakes.
  • Lobster Seafood Restaurant. A few minutes beyond "King Chicken," offers free soup, bread and salad with a main course, and may offer a complimentary cup of tea, too.
  • Nemo Restaurant. Restaurant on the boulevard. Offers nice food and even has some German 'speciaties' on the menu. Complimentary appetizers, desserts and shesha's!!
  • Nirvana. Real Indian food with real flavor. Excellent curries, snacks, vegetarian dishes and excellent Indian Tea (Chai). Portions are really huge - probably don't need a starter. Proper Indian food! Highly recommended!
  • Quickly Restaurant. On Mashraba Street. Local and International food. Cheap food, but huge portions and much more tastier than the tourists places along the beachfront. Upstairs chilled out lounge with good tunes. Free wireless. Favourite amongst local divers, backpackers.
  • Rush. Located up a small alley between the bridge and Tota. In a palmtree garden with a small swimming pool, this restaurant serves excellent food, the style is creative "fusion". There's also a bar with local and imported alcohol. In and outdoor seating. Every Friday night there's a party with Dj's.
  • Same Same but different+20 106466863, e-mail:. good food, the strawberry shake is a must try, it reminds of you childhood. good service, the staff speak excellent English, not creepy or pushy at all. fresh seafood Catch of the day, good steak and B.B.Q lamb kebab special Vegetarian menu free starter with a main course .. you can bring your own Alcohol Drinks.. free wifi.
  • Star Of Dahab. In the sea side of Mashraba. A good place to eat some fresh fish. tel +20 69 3640130, mobile +20 10 111 3481.
  • Three Fishes. At the southern end of the promenade. Good Italian restaurant, run by Paola, an Italian.
  • El FanarEl Masbat, South Sinai, Egypt,  +20 122525853. Delicious food in a bedouin environment. Great service from friendly staff. Order the chicken kebab or kofte off the menu and starter (pita and dips) and watermelon and tea are included. Cheap drinks too.
  • Yalla BarMasbat Bay Dahab. Yalla Bar and Restaurant is the place to be in Dahab.

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