Nightlife in Dahab

  • Dahab Partys, every week different venues hold different party nights. Current nights include Wednesdays at the Sphinx Pool Bar - House and Dance Music, Fridays at RUSH Village Bar for House and Dancey grooves.
  • (kind of) DiscothèquesRush and The Tree. But as soon, as more than 15-20 people are in, the doorman says: "It's a party tonight" and charges you 50-100 LE for entrance... Just ignore the place in that case.
  • Churchill's Sports Bar and Grill,   +20 69 3641 309. Red Sea Relax Resort (on the promenade 50m down from Lighthouse), [www]. Lively establishment, with a good mix of tourist and resident trade. Serves draught Heineken on tap and British orientated cuisine at very reasonable prices. Premiership football and other major sports shown on the big screen terrace and downstairs in the air con bar.
  • Elzar Bar, next to the ruins of the old harbour on the beachfront. The best place in town for anyone wanting to get pissed late at night. Chris the Aussie barman is always on hand until the sun comes up serving a variety of alcoholics including the drunken Welshman and unconfrontational Dave the Canadian nice man.
  • The Furry cup, at the Blue Beach Hotel, where local Westerners hang out at the sound of U2, Coldplay, etc. The only place in Dahab where you can get Western hard liquor brands instead of the fakes.
  • Funny Mummy. Giant colourful curtains and carpet seats offer a great atmosphere if you just want to relax and enjoy some of Egypt's good fruit juices (albeit not the cheapest option in town). Avoid the menu though as it tends to over-sell and under-deliver.
  • Same Same,   +20 106466863. but different good place for drink &shisha
  • Beirut Nights on Peace Road has decent Turkish coffee at 3LE and tea at 1.5LE.

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