Stay Safe

Safety in Dahab

Women travellers are safe in Dahab, but please be smart:

  • Dress: As a matter of courtesy to the local customs, even though you will see quite a few girls with short skirts and tight t-shirts, please respect the fact that Egypt is a conservative country and dress appropriately in the city. On the beach a bikini is no problem.
  • Local men: flirting and even chit-chat are likely to be interpreted very differently here than in the west. Take care. Be polite but don't invite more than you want.

Snorkeling along/past the reef can be very dangerous when very windy: strong underwater currents develop, and it is very difficult to come back onto the shallow reef. Always ask a dive center nearby if it is safe to snorkel - they will be happy to help.

Drugs, particularly marijuana, are available in Dahab but that doesn't make them legal. Consider very carefully if you want to risk at best large fines and at worst lengthy prison terms in Egypt's notoriously squalid prisons before indulging.

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