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Shopping in Monrovia

Afropolitan. Ready made and tailor-made clothing, home decor items, jewelry and more. For men, women and children. Benson Street (at intersection of Newport Street). Tel: 00-231-886-87-3334.

Waterside Market.

Ranzeno. Fine men’s clothing. Tel: 00-231-6-530-799. Benson Street (Between Randall and Gurley Streets).

The Best Jewelry. For high-end African-inspired jewelry. Tel: 00-231-6-513-578. 15th Street and Tubman Blvd, Sinkhor.

Little Angels. Children’s clothes and supplies. Tel: 00-231-6-699-699. Randall Street, next to Computech.

Rima’s Fashions. Jewelry. Tel: 00-231-6-239-001. Randall Street.

Sorayah Laurice Fashion House. Customixzed tailoring and interior decorating. Tel: 00-231-0-82-78-49. Camp Johnson Road.

LIB Electronics. Electronics of all sorts. Tel: 00-231-6-530-057. 195 Broad Street. Aretha. Women’s fashions and accessories. Tel: 00-231-6-517-945. Gurley and Benson Streets.

Unboxed. Women’s shoes. Tel: 00-231-6-698-005. Broad Street.

Touba Art Center. Traditional arts and crafts. Tel: 00-231-6-373-939. Next to Cape Hotel on Mambo Point.

Picasso. Art. Tel: 00-231-7-7006-666. Randall Street.

Fuschia. Arts and crafts. 00-231-6-446-688. Randall Street, across from Stop and Shop Supermarket.


The best produce (salad, vegetables, herbs, fruit, squash, etc.) can be found on Benson St., around Newport St. Raw honey is available outside the mosque (you'll need to strain it).

There is an excellent strip of butchers on Somalia Drive, near the port, where they slaughter and sell fresh cow, goat, and sheep meet. A butcher shop on Benson St. in town sells meat from these butchers (freshest Wed/Sat).

Fresh fish is available in Sinkor just past the Vavoma building (where Sinkor becomes Congo Town), on the beach side of Tubman Blvd. Or call Moses at 06368158.

There are several supermarkets that sell imported (usually American, Lebanese, and some Western European) goods.

  • Abi Jaoudi (Randall Street) is the biggest of the bunch. Has decent bakery, deli, fish and meat counters. Produce is usually overpriced and tired looking. Now officially Harbel's.
  • Stop 'n' Shop (Randall Street) is small and crowded, but has a good assortment of groceries. Sometimes imports specialty items (i.e., strawberries.)
  • Monoprix (Benson Street) is conveniently located right by the good outdoor produce market in town.
  • Greenland (Tubman Boulevard, at ? Street.) Small and a bit dark, but it's the only one open on Sundays (from about 8AM to noon). Overpriced (but convenient) produce stands in front.
  • UN Drive Supermarket (Tubman Boulevard, between 15th and 16th Streets). Decent array of imported goods.
  • Exclusive Supermarket (Tubman Boulevard at 19th Street in Sinkor). A well-stocked supermarket with many imported goods of international standards. Excellent range of spices and Indian pulses. One of the only sources of whole wheat flour. Western cereals, energy drinks, and a wide range of wine are on sale. There is a small bakery offering sandwiches and Indian foods for take-away.
  • Exclusive Supermarket (Second location in town on Center St. at Carey St.). Not as large as its Sinkor cousin, but large housewares section and reasonable prices.


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