Stay safe & healthy

WARNING: The domestic situation in Libya remains unstable in many areas of the country. Travel within the nation's borders remains dangerous and therefore strongly discouraged for independent travellers. Benghazi is still considered as dangerous. As of July 2014, Tripoli is no longer safe either due to two factions fighting for control.

Libya continues to suffer from factional disputes between competing political and militia groups. This may involve armed conflict and violent engagements between groups, disaffected individuals, foreign military elements and competing militias both within and also outside the scope of the National Transitional Council (NTC). These activities may be sustained for a prolonged period and possibly involve the use of deadly force.

If you are already in Libya, stay away from large public gatherings, public demonstrations and sites of civil or militia conflict. Try to gain independent and reliable information concerning the current political and civil situation and any engagements between military forces, militias or similar activities in your area. If uncomfortable with the situation in the area you are visiting then organise an immediate and secure exit.

If requiring assistance EU citizens should contact the embassy of another EU state if they cannot make contact with their home country's representatives. The governments of many nations have issued formal travel warnings. Research these warnings in depth before travelling to or moving about within Libya. Many nations have also recommended their citizens should avoid travel to Libya.

The situation remains difficult, so care and elevated situational awareness must be exercised at all times if attempting to move about or transit through affected areas of Libya. 

Stay safe & healthy

Stay safe

The security situation in Libya has improved significantly. However, care is still recommended and some areas should be considered out of reach for visitors. Non-essential travel to Libya, especially outside of Tripoli is still best avoided. Gay and lesbian tourists should be careful and self-aware because homosexuality is a crime in Libya.

as much as possible avoid wearing green wardrobe or anything similar as this color might provoke somebody, as this color represents the old regime specially in misurata city

Stay healthy

Not all bottled water is safe in Libya. Do inquire about the safest brands available. You can often purchase foreign brands when necessary.

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