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By plane

Roberts International Airport (IATA: ROB) (often called Roberts International Airport or RIA) is located some 60 km from the city center at Robertsfield.

From the United States, Delta Air Lines. This flight leaves directly from Atlanta. Ethiopia Airlines with layover in Addis Ababa. Royal Air Maroc via Casablanca.

Brussels Airlines has flights on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Air France has flights from Paris (Tuesday and Friday) and Conakry. You can check in the day of your flight, at their city center location. It is easier, and faster than checking in at the airport.

The trip from the airport to the city was once infamous. Today, the situation has improved significantly with the restoration of peace and order. The road is now fully protected by UNMIL and safe.

By helicopter

By far the best way to travel, but helicopter flights are restricted to UN personnel. Poor weather in the rainy season often forces helicopters to return especially from Voinjama.

By train

There is no real train service. One track, which previously belonged to a mine, has been opened for tourists [www]. It travels to the Bong mines, a massive, defunct ore-mining and processing plant once German run.

By car

The roads linking Roberts Airport to Monrovia and from Monrovia to the Sierra Leone border at Bo (Waterside) are paved and in excellent condition as of February 2010. Road conditions in some other areas are poor, so a 4x4 may be necessary for travel. During the rainy season, travel times are increased dramatically. Traffic through Monrovia can be slow, due to numerous traffic bottlenecks and damaged sections of road. Gas is sold in US gallons, not litres. Most distances and speed limits are posted in miles per hour.

By bus

There are no long distance buses for tourists. The government just received a few buses for public travel and they are usable for travel under the National Transit Authority (NTA) guidance with their main terminal in the Gardnerville suburb. An inter-city transportation is ongoing to cities like: Buchanan, Gbarnga, Tubmanburg, Kakata & Robertsport; with plans to extend to cities like Zwedru, Ganta, Bopolu, etc. Tourist couches are arranged for chartered express. Mainwhile, the NTA criss-cross Monrovia by providing transportation to all suburbs & to the downtown area. Also series of private buses also ply the suburbs & to the central business district including: Lizard company & individual transportations. Be careful how you board buses & avoid rushing to get on-board because thieves, locally called "Rogue" take advantage to steal. Stand in the queue at various bus stops & terminals. Buses are also overloaded with passengers, so bring a fan along or sit near a window.

By taxi

The best way to get around Monrovia. Most Monrovia taxis on the streets will pick up several passengers en route, and are therefore often jam-packed. Ask people you trust if they know of a reliable taxi driver to contact, as getting robbed in a taxi is a possibility. If you are unable to find one, consider hiring a taxi to your destination for your own use exclusively.

Long distance shared taxis leave from "Douala Station" in a northern suburb of Monrovia for destinations around the country. They are typically older yellow Nissan station wagons that leave when 10 passengers have purchased tickets. Fares for shared taxis are reasonable. For example, the three hour journey from Monrovia to Robertsport costs LRD350 (US$5) as of February 2010.

Alternatively, a "charter" taxi can be arranged for individual travel at a much higher price.

By boat

You can board a boat from the St. Paul River to Robertport other destinations will be made available soon.

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