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Things To Know


 French is the official language, but Bambara (or Bamanakan in the language itself), along with numerous other African languages (Peulh/Fula, Dogon, and Tamashek, the language of the Tuareg people), are spoken by 80% of the population. Few people speak French outside bigger towns, and even Bambara gets rare in some regions. Very few people speak English.

Festivals & Events

Public holidays

DateEnglish name
January 1New Year's Day
January 20Army Day
March 26Martyrs' Day
March or AprilEaster Monday
May 1Workers' Day
May 25Africa Day
September 22Independence Day
December 25Christmas Day
variable IslamicProphet's Birthday
Prophet's Baptism
End of Ramadan
Feast of the Sacrifice


Greeting people is very important. You should get familiar with the greetings in French or, better, in Bambara. Vendors should be treated in a proper way, even when you buy just fruit or bread. It is very important to show a general interest in the other person, so ask about family, work, kids, and so on. The answer is simple: "Ça va" (It's all right). The interlocutor should not answer in a negative way!


  • "Bonjour. ça va?" (Good morning. Are you all right)?
  • "Et votre famille?" (And your family?)
  • "Et vos enfants?" (And your kids?)
  • "Et votre travail?" (And your job?).

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