• Niamey — Although both the administrative capital and commercial centre, possibly the least crowded and hectic capital in West Africa
  • Agadez — A trade hub along trans-Saharan trade routes for over five centuries, home to a magnificent palace and several mosques and a gateway to the nearby Air Mountains
  • Ayorou — Along picturesque section of the River Niger with one of Niger's best markets, and a starting point for river trips to Gaya
  • Diffa — Peul town between shifting sand dunes and disappearing swampland which serves as the gateway to SE Niger & Lake Chad
  • Dosso — has a small ethnic museum, colourful market and even more colourful chief's palace
  • Maradi — Centre of agriculture (especially peanuts), home to a colorful chief's palace, and near seasonal rivers/floodplains which have caused interesting land formations to the south
  • Tahoua — Stop en route to Agadez
  • Zinder — The cultural capital of Niger, this Peul-Hausa city has perhaps the most colourful craft markets (pottery & tanning are local specialities) as well as a noteworthy regional museum and sultan's palace

Other destinations

  • W National Park — magnificent National Park, easiest accessed from Niamey
  • Koure — See the last herd of giraffes in West Africa
  • Balleyara Market — Two hours from Niamey, one of West Africa's largest animal markets, plus a colourful array of other traditional market and artisan wares (Sundays)
  • Ayorou — A river-side town three hours from Niamey with a colorful, laid-back Sunday market as well as pirougue tours to see the hippos and islands
  • Boubon — Bar/restaurant and huts to rent nightly on an island in the Niger River
  • Termit & Tin Toumma National Nature and Cultural Reserve — one of Africa's largest reserves (twice as large as Costa Rica), the park protects several animals (including the critically endangered addax, Dama gazelle, & desert cheetah), protects the nomadic culture, and features lots of scenic desert landscape. Established in 2012, it will take a few years for guides, ecotours, and facilities to become available.
  • Air and Ténéré Natural Reserve — a natural reserve in the desert, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list

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