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Visa & Passport

Visa & Passport

A passport is required to enter Rwanda and a certificate of vaccination for yellow fever is normally required to return back to the country of origin. Visas are not required for citizens of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Hong Kong, Kenya, Philippines, Mauritius, Singapore, Uganda, or Tanzania.

  • If arriving by air, citizens of many countries may get an 30 day single entry visa on arrival for USD30, which can be extended by the immigration office in Kigali, although this process is sometimes tedious. Generally, Rwandan embassy and consulates can issue one month tourist visas for around the same price without much hassle. Contact your nearest embassy or consulate for more information.

If you are travelling overland, it is no longer possible to obtain a visa at the border. However, visa application can easily be made on-line. You will within a few days receive an entry visa acceptance by email. Bringing this acceptance letter, the visa will be issued at the border. The USD30 visa fee is paid at the border.

Bona fide tourists may also want to consider the East Africa Tourist Visa announced in Jan 2014 and first issued in Mar 2014 that allows travel between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with multiple entries in a 90 day period for USD100 and without "restrictions on country of origin". Rwanda has made the smart move of setting up an on-line website to issue these, which means that many tourists may want to first land at Rwanda's capital airport of Kigali rather than Entebbe or Nairobisince this visa must be issued by the country that you first plan to visit (similar principle to Schengen visas in the EU).

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