Sao Tome and Principe

Accommodation & Hotels

Accommodation & Hotels

A small handful of hotels exist in the capital. Near the town of Santana lies an idyllic bed and breakfast with stunning views. Opulent resorts have been built at the very northern and southern extremes of the country, on the small island of Ilheu das Rolas, and at Ilha Bom Bom off the coast of Principe.

In the main city of Sao Tome several small pousadas (B&Bs) can be found.

Bom Bom Island Resort In addition to an ensuite bathroom, air-conditioning and other modern amenities, each bungalow has its own veranda with views across the green palm fronds and the bay. Bom Bom’s restaurant, bar and marina are on a tiny islet, which can be reached by crossing the 230-metre wooden walkway.

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Mucumbli An amazing lodge, situated a view minutes down the road from the city of Neves. It currently only has 5 Bungalows so book well in advance! Owned my Titiano and Marie, an extremely nice and helpful Italian couple that arrived to the Island 30 years ago and build this place little by little. Private and remote (in São Tomé terms that is), sitting on the deck watching the sunset side of the island or going to the beach or hitting the trails, this place is a must. There is also a donkey pen, that were practically saved by the owners (after the government received them as a gift from Angola and didn't know what to do with them). Includes breakfast.

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