Things to see

Things to see

Visit the beaches. Many of the beaches are seemingly untouched by human influence and are refreshingly uncrowded. They offer clear blue skies and a tranquility you will rarely find. A hike along the coastline from Beau Vallon to Anse Major will take about 1.5-2 hours and your reward will be a small deserted beach that's fit for a king. The scenery along the hike is breath-taking. Not all beaches are suitable for swimming depending on the time of year, due to the seasonal winds. Do not ignore warning signs indicating that a beach is hazardous for swimming, no matter how appealing the waters may look.

Vallee de Mai is a national park and World Heritage Site, home to amazing flora and fauna, including the world's largest seed: the coco de mer. Entrance fee: Free for residents, 315 rupees (~€20) for foreigners (Sept 2010).

Aldabra Atoll: The world's largest coral atoll that stretches about 22 miles east to west and encloses a huge tidal lagoon. Aldabra is the original home of the giant land tortoise, and tiger sharks and manta rays can also often be seen here.

Cousin Island is an internationally-owned island and belongs to Birdlife International.

Victoria the capital on Mahe Island has several good museums including the Natural History Museum, where you can hold the famed coco-de-mer, and the National Museum of History with good photo displays and a video presentation.

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