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Monastir also called Mīstīr , is a city on the central coast of Tunisia, in the Sahel area, (20 km south of Sousse and 162 km south of Tunis). Traditionally a fishing port, Monastir is now a major tourist resort. Its population is about 104,535. It is the capital of Monastir Governorate.

Situated halfway between Sousse and Mahdia, and in the intersection of Kairouan and El Jem, Monastir is distinguished by its strategic location in the central coast of Tunisia. It is an ancient city dating from Phoenician times. Due to its strategic location, it shelters the oldest and the most important Ribat in the Maghreb: a lovely fortress that is one of Tunisia's finest examples of Islamic military architecture.

Monastir is also known as a really beautiful and calm city.

POPULATION : 104,535
LANGUAGE : Arabic (official and one of the languages of commerce), French (commerce)
RELIGION : Muslim 98%, Christian 1%, Jewish and other 1%
COORDINATES : 35°47′N 10°50′E
SEX RATIO : Male: 49.57
 Female: 50.43
ETHNIC : Arab 98%, European 1%, Jewish and other 1%


Monastir is a city in Tunisia and one of the best tourist destinations in Northern Africa. Set along a superb coastline with a blue sea and long golden sandy beaches, Monastir is a pleasant seaside resort as well as historical town full of traditions.

Monastir out under the protection of its ribat, one of the most impressive fortresses of Tunisia, its medina, its fishing port, its marina and its background of villages and orchards make it a lively and welcoming destination.


Monastir was founded on the ruins of the Punic–Roman city of Ruspina. The city features a well preserved Ribat that was used to scan the sea for hostile ships as a defence against the attacks of the Byzantine fleet. Several ulema came to stay in the Ribat of this peaceful city for contemplation. The Ribat was also one of the filming locations for both the miniseries Jesus of Nazareth and Monty Python's Life Of Brian.


Monastir enjoys a dry Mediterranean climate with hot summers, extremely mild winters, lots of sunshine and low rainfall year round. The city sits in the northeast of Tunisia, on its central coast. It is milder than inland areas of Tunisia, forty percent of which is part of the Sahara. In the summer, while humidity is low, the soaring heat can still be hard to handle. The average high temperature of 29 °C in June skips past the 30 °C mark in the middle of the month and climbs up to 33 °C in July and August.


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