Money & Shopping

Money & Shopping

Zimbabwe legalised the use of foreign currencies as legal tender, thus negating the need for the inflation-ravaged Zimbabwe dollar, which has now been withdrawn from circulation.

The US dollar is now the de facto currency in Zimbabwe.

The use of credit cards continues to improve, with a growing number of service providers accepting Visa cards or MasterCards in Zimbabwe. It may be useful to come with lots of smaller bills (USD1, 5, 10) since they are often in shorter supply.

There are many ATMs which take Visa and MasterCard, including those of Eco Bank. All ATMs give out cash in US dollars.

Zimbabwe now has its own coins, in 10c 25c and 50c denominations.

As for costs, non-imported things are very cheap (especially labour-intensive things), and curios are especially well made. However, for a tourist drinking Coke and eating pizza, prices are not that much lower than in South Africa.

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