Transportation - Get In

By plane

Harare International Airport has a number of international flights, mainly to other African countries. When coming from Europe you can fly via Johannesburg, Nairobi, Dubai, Addis Ababa, Cairo. from South africa you can fly with South African Airways or Airlink British airways, Air Zimbabwe.

Emirates airlines, Ethiopian airlines, Kenya airways, Egypt air fly to Harare from europe.

SAA operates to quite a few European and African airports and has flights from Harare, Bulawayo, Victoria falls to Johannesburg South Africa. Air Botswana has flights from Harare and Victoria falls to Gaborone. Air Namibia has flights from Harare and Victoria falls to Windhoek. Malawian airlines has flights from Harare to Lilongwe.

British Airways has stopped non-stop flights between Harare and Heathrow. but British airways now have Flights from Harare via Johannesburg to Heathrow.

Victoria Falls airport has daily service by South African Airways, South African Airlink http://www.saairlink.co.za and British Airways to and from Johannesburg.

Bulawayo also has an international airport, with flights from Johannesburg operated by SAA and Air Zimbabwe.

For domestic flights inside Zimbabwe, Harare to Victoria Falls there is Air Zimbabwe and Fly Africa. Air Zimbabwe also fly from Harare to Bulawayo and Harare to Kariba.

  • Low cost airline Fastjet Zimbabwe with one way domestic fares from $20. and International fares from $50. Fastjet fly from Harare to Victoria falls, Bulawayo. Johannesburg, Cape town, Lusaka, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam.

there is also Low cost airline fly Africa which goes from Victoria falls to Johannesburg. and Harare to Johannesburg. and Victoria falls to Harare.

By car

Zimbabwe is accessible by road from the countries that surround it. Contrary to past scenarios, the fuel situation has improved with prices now being quoted in US dollars. As fuel has to be imported from either Mozambique or South Africa, you can expect to pay more per litre than you would in most other Southern African countries.

It should also be noted that roads in Zimbabwe are now in a very dilapidated state, and due caution should be taken when driving, especially at night, and in particular, during the November to March rainy season. Potholes are a very common occurrence and a serious threat to any vehicle that hits one.

By bus

Regular deluxe bus services operate from Johannesburg to Harare. A number of buses also travel from Johannesburg to Bulawayo. Greyhound drives to both destinations. Tickets can be obtained directly from Greyhound or through the Computicket website.

Several bus companies also operate direct buses from Harare to Blantyre, Malawi.

No public transport exists from Victoria Falls directly to Botswana - a taxi to the border will cost around USD40, or some hotels in Vic Falls can arrange transfers.

Transportation - Get Around

Between cities, you travel using luxury coaches like Pathfinder and Citilink. You can also get decent buses from RoadPort in Harare to other major cities including those in neighboring countries like Johannesburg, Lusaka, Lilongwe.

Minibus taxis are available for intra-city transport, and are relatively inexpensive by European standards. They provide a cheap, though a not necessarily comfortable way of seeing the true Zimbabwe.

Hitchhiking is also a viable option, but tourists need to take care with whom they accept lifts from; hijackings and robberies of hitchhikers, especially within Harare, have been on the increase in the last few years. Be sure to bring some money along, as drivers very often expect some sort of fee to be paid up front.

The condition of the roads in Zimbabwe seems to have improved considerably since the stabilisation of the economic. Roads between Victoria Falls and Bulawayo, Bulawayo and Masvingo (Great Zimbabwe) and Masvingo and Mutare are all in relatively good condition. The highway between Plumtree and Mutare (passing through Bulawayo and Harare in between) in currently being resurfaced.

Note that almost no fuel station in Zimbabwe currently take credit cards. Also road blocks are common but usually police just want to see your drivers license and your Temporary Import Permit (TIP). Police can fine you if you do not have reflective reflectors on your car, red hazard triangles in your boot, a spare tire, or a fire extinguisher, so be sure to carry those items if you want to avoid a fine.

By train

The more adventurous tourists could travel by train around Zimbabwe. One train goes from Bulawayo to the Victoria Falls. The train passes through Hwange National Park, one of the biggest national parks in Africa. There are also trains from Bulawayo to Harare and from Harare to Mutare.

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