Pashto and Dari, an Afghan dialect of Persian, are the official languages ​​of Afghanistan; Many Afghans speak both. The latest country profile CIA mentions that Dari is spoken by 50%, especially in the Kabul, Herat, Mazar-e Sharif and Central Afghanistan regions. Pashto is spoken to 35%, mainly in the south and east; It is also spoken in neighboring Pakistan. The rest are native Turkic languages, especially Uzbeks and Turkmens, and there are also 30 smaller languages ​​like Balochi. You will find some people in Kabul who speak a little English, but otherwise it is not widespread.

The English language is at its apex in Afghanistan. The percentage of those who now speak some English has reached unprecedented rates. President Karazai and his cabinet speak fluent English. English is taught in the past by the 7th grade, but now taught from the fourth grade. English signs on the streets are now becoming common throughout the country. English is the second foreign language in Afghanistan.

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