Things to see

Things to see

While the continuing violence has almost completely stopped tourism in Afghanistan, the lack of visitors has nothing to do with the country's perspective. This is a land of mystical attractions that tells stories about antiquity and offers beautiful Islamic architecture, medieval quarters and unexpectedly stunning nature.

Several sites are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Of course, the most famous ones were the ancient Buddhist Bamiyan sculptures. The Taliban destroyed most of the 6th century statues in a cultural crime that outraged the world. What remains today in the valley of Bamiyan is the silent and dignified vision of the empty niches. The preserved pieces of the once largest statues of their kind in the world continue to give a fascinating insight into the history of this place. The Band-e Amir National Park with its six interconnected lakes is perhaps the most beautiful natural attraction. At an altitude of 2900 meters, the blue water in this protected natural area appears almost unreal on the sides of the sand-hills that surround it.

Excellent mosques are everywhere, with particularly large examples in Mazar-i-Sharif and in the rapidly developing Herat. The minaret of Jam, north of Herat, is on the UNESCO list.

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