Islam is the main religion, and Bahrainis are known for their tolerance towards the practice of other religions. Marriages between Bahrainis and expatriates are not infrequent, there are many Filipino-Bahraini as the actress Philippine chlid Mona Marbella Al-Alawi

The rules regarding female attire are generally relaxed compared to regional neighbors; Women's traditional attire usually includes the hijab or the abaya. Although the traditional male attire is the thobe that also includes traditional headdresses such as keffiyeh, ghutra and agal, western clothing is common in the country.

Although Bahrain legalized homosexuality in 1976, many homosexuals have been arrested since then.


The modern art movement in the country officially emerged in the 1950s, culminating in the establishment of an art society. Expressionism and surrealism, as well as calligraphic art, are the popular forms of art in the country. Abstract expressionism has gained popularity in recent decades. Pottery and weaving are also popular products that were widely manufactured in the villages of Bahrain. Arabic calligraphy grew in popularity as the Bahraini government was an active patron in Islamic art, culminating in the establishment of an Islamic museum, Beit Al Quran. The Bahrain National Museum houses a permanent exhibition of contemporary art. The architecture of Bahrain is similar to that of its neighbors in the Persian Gulf. The wind tower, which generates natural ventilation in a house, is a common sight in old buildings, particularly in the old districts of Manama and Muharraq.


Literature retains a strong tradition in the country; Most traditional writers and poets write in the classical Arabic style. In recent years, the number of younger poets influenced by Western literature is increasing, most writing in free verse and often including political or personal content. Ali Al Shargawi, a long-decorated poet, was described in 2011 by Al Shorfa as the literary icon of Bahrain.

In literature, Bahrain was the site of the ancient land of Dilmun mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh. The legend also says that it was the location of the Garden of Eden.


The style of music in Bahrain is similar to that of its neighbors. The style of Khaliji music, which is folk music, is popular in the country. The sierra style of music, which involves a complex form of urban music, played by an Oud (lute dotted), a violinnd mirwas (a drum), is also popular in Bahrain. Ali Bahar was one of the most famous singers in Bahrain. He played his music with his Band Al-Ekhwa (The Brothers). Bahrain was also the site of the first recording studio among the Persian Gulf states.


Association football is the most popular sport in Bahrain. The Bahrain national soccer team competed several times in the Asian Cup, in the Arab Cup of Nations and played in qualifying for the FIFA World Cup, although it has never qualified for the World Cup. Bahrain has its own premier national professional soccer league, the Bahrain Premier League. Basketball, rugby and horse racing are also very popular in the country.

Bahrain has a Formula One race track, which hosted the inaugural Grand Prix of Gulf Air Bahrain on April 4, 2004, the first in an Arab country. This was followed by the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2005. Bahrain hosted the opening Grand Prix of the 2006 season on March 12 of that year. Both races were won by Fernando Alonso of Renault. Since then, the race has been organized annually, except in 2011, when it was canceled due to continuous protests against the government. The 2012 race occurred despite concerns about the safety of the teams and ongoing protests in the country. The decision to hold the race despite ongoing protests and violence has been described as "controversial" by Al Jazeera English, CNN, AFP and Sky News. The Independent called it "one of the most controversial in the history of sports."

In 2006, Bahrain also organized its inaugural Australian V8 Supercar event called "Desert 400". The V8s returned every November to the Sakhir circuit until 2010, which was the second event of the series. The series has not returned since then. The Bahrain International Circuit also has a full course where the Bahrain Drag Racing Club has organized invitational events with some of the best drag teams in Europe to try to raise the profile of sport in the Middle East.

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