Festivals & Events

Festivals & Events


On 1 September 2006, Bahrain changed its weekend from being Thursdays and Fridays to Fridays and Saturdays, in order to have a day of the weekend shared with the rest of the world. Notable holidays in the country are listed below:

DateEnglish nameLocal (Arabic) nameDescription
1 JanuaryNew Year's Dayرأس السنة الميلاديةThe Gregorian New Year's Day.
1 MayLabour Dayيوم العمالLocally called "Eid Al Oumal" (Workers' Day).
16 DecemberNational Dayاليوم الوطنيNational Day of Bahrain.
17 DecemberAccession Dayيوم الجلوسAccession Day for the late Amir Sh. Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa
1st MuharramIslamic New Yearرأس السنة الهجريةIslamic New Year (also known as: Hijri New Year).
9th, 10th MuharramDay of AshuraعاشوراءRepresent the 9th and 10th day of the Hijri month of Muharram. Coincide with the memory of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.
12th Rabiul AwwalProphet Muhammad's birthdayالمولد النبويCommemorates Prophet Muhammad's birthday, celebrated in most parts of the Muslim world.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd ShawwalLittle Feastعيد الفطرCommemorates end of Ramadan.
9th ZulhijjahArafat Dayيوم عرفةCommemoration of Muhammad's final sermon and completion of the message of Islam.
10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th ZulhijjahFeast of the Sacrificeعيد الأضحىCommemorates Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son. Also known as the Big Feast (celebrated from the 10th to 13th)

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