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Bahrain has an impressive gastronomic scene, with numerous restaurants to choose from. The main dining room is Adliya. In Adliya, you can choose from numerous cafes, with Coco's (food at a good price and delicious) and Lilou's (very popular among locals who want to see and be seen) among the most famous. Mirai is an amazing Japanese fusion restaurant perfect for a special occasion. Trendy salons / restaurants are located in the area, as well as Zoe's and Block 338.

Restaurants in Bahrain encompass the full range of cheap stalls offering local food to sophisticated restaurants in luxury hotels. American fast food franchises such as Burger King and McDonalds are ubiquitous. In the shopping centers and in the center of the city you can find western-style meals and franchises (mostly American), which offer food for high-end prices.

There is even a popular alley in Juffair called 'American's Alley', this is due to the large variety of restaurants based in the United States in that area.

Signature dishes

  • Machboos (also known as Kabsa) - made mainly from a mixture of spices, rice (usually long grain basmati), meat and vegetables.
  • Muhammar - a plate of sweet rice that is usually served with fish.

Snacks and bread

  • Samosa - a fried or baked dough with a salty filling, such as potatoes with spices, onions, peas, lentils, ground lamb or chicken.
  • Khubz (flatbread). Available in almost all supermarkets and cold stores.


  • The most popular traditional dessert is Halwa Showaiter, also known as Halwa Bahraini. It is a gelatin like halwa made with corn starch, saffron and several nuts.


Bahrain has relatively liberal laws regarding alcohol and for a long time it has been a favorite getaway for visitors from Saudi Arabia and other nearby "dry" countries. Do not be surprised to see the Arabs in thobe and gutra drinking brewskis as they watch the dancers show off their things. the nightclubs.

Under Bahrain's law, any sign of having consumed alcohol can be taken as prima facie evidence of driving under the influence, which can lead to incarceration and / or fines of up to BD 1,000.

The coffee, called gahwa (قهوة) locally, is considered a part of the traditional welcome in Bahrain. Usually, it is poured into a coffee machine, which is called dalla (دلة) in Bahrain. It is served in a small cup made for coffee called Finjan (فنجان).

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