Stay safe & healthy

Stay safe & healthy

Stay safe

During 2011, an almost civil war state broke out in Bahrain, with many deaths, hundreds of injuries and a large number of activists and health professionals arrested and tortured. Although the mass demonstrations were brutally stifled, the atmosphere remains tense, and the demonstrations, riots and shootings by the police can be repeated at any time. Travelers should avoid rural areas and villages in the northwest of the country. Large demonstrations can occur at any time, sometimes they can become violent, but typically they are not anti-Western. Avoid areas where crowds of people seem to be gathering.

The ordinary rate of social crime in Bahrain is quite low and violent crime is rare. However, robbery, theft and theft occur. Incidents of minor offenses such as the theft of portfolios and the theft of portfolios are reported especially in the former market areas known as souks. Most hotels have nightclubs frequented by some unpleasant characters. Although hotels have adequate security systems, including installed cameras, there are cases of tourists stealing their rooms.

If you are on Exhibition Avenue (near Hoora), be careful, as women may find unfriendly experiences with (mainly) Saudis, who are mostly drunk. If you come there (mainly at night), it is a good idea to have a man with you.

Stay healthy

Drink plenty of water. From April to August it can be very hot (up to 50 ºC) and humid. Use an umbrella to protect yourself from the strong sun. It is important to stay hydrated, especially if you are outside during the day. Bottled water is sold almost everywhere in the city from "Cold Stores" and small restaurants at very reasonable prices. In the souk, street vendors offer small refrigerated bottles, but you may end up paying more than the bottle is worth. If you live in Bahrain for an extended period, you can set up an agreement for a Cold Shop in the neighborhood to send bottled water to your apartment, or sign up to receive water through several companies on the island. Many cold stores (and some hotels) also deliver their products (or food) for free to your hotel or apartment.


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