Things to see

Things to see

Qala'at al-Bahrain (Bahrain Fort) is located on the north coast and is a five or ten minute drive from the city of Manama. It is restored and in good condition although it lacks furniture, signage or exhibitions. Admission is free.

Next to the fort is a museum, completed in February 2008, which contains many artifacts ranging from the ancient periods of Dilmun to the Islamic era, many of which were found in the fort and additional ruins next door. The museum is a large rectangular and white building with no sign that it is a museum. The schedule is from 8 AM to 2 PM daily; Admission is free.

Tree of Life. Although the trees grow in Bahrain, it is special because it is a tree over 400 years old that survived the harsh desert climate. You need a car to get to the tree, since it is far from the main roads and not on any public transport route.

To get to the tree, take the Zallaq highway to the east, which becomes the Al-Muaskar highway. Eventually you will see a sign for the Tree of Life that indicates a turn to the right. (Although the sign seems to indicate that you must turn on a dirt road that does not actually lead anywhere, do not do so, instead wait until the next intersection, which is several meters ahead). There are no signs while traveling on this road, but pay attention to a junkyard on your right. Before reaching a hill that warns you of a steep slope of 10%, turn right. As you continue straight on this road (including roundabouts), you will begin to see signs of the Tree of Life again. The signs will take you down a path that will then be devoid of these signs, but eventually you will see the tree in the distance to the right (it is large and wide, not to be confused with other smaller trees along the way). It turns on a dirt road in Gas Well # 371. You can drive right out of the tree, but be sure to stay on the road worn by the vehicle, since turning it off can cause your car to get stuck in the softer sand.

Although it seems a difficult task to achieve, the Tree of Life is worth visiting because it is so strange. The tree is covered in graffiti, although this is not visible until you approach it. Try to make your arrival near sunset for a picturesque view of the tree and the surrounding desert.

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