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Anshan (鞍山; Ānshān) is the third largest prefecture level city in Liaoning Province in China. It is in the central area of the province about 92 km south of Shenyang, the province's capital. Anshan sits on the boundary between the mountains of eastern Liaoning and the plains of the west. The area contains the famous Qianshan Park National Park, Tangangzi Hot Spring Spa and the Jade Buddha Palace Temple. The city's name is derived form the shape of a nearby mountain (in Chinese 山; shān) that resembles the shape of a horse's saddle (鞍; Ān). Anshan is home to the Angang Iron and Steel Company, one of the largest steel producers in China.

Hot Spring Spas

Anshan is famous for its Hot Spring Spas and Sanatoriums. There are several How Spring Spas around the city, mostly in the Qianshan district but also in Haicheng and Xiuyan.

  • Tanggangzi (鞍山市汤岗子温泉旅游度假区) (Take Anhai Road south out of the Anshan city, about 16km or 25 minutes by car.). Just south of the city, visitors may have mud treatment where they are buried in hot volcanic sand, which has been infused with the spring water. Tangangzi is the oldest hot spring spa in Anshan. The spa dates back to the Tang dynasty of China. It was used by the last emperor, Puyi and his wives. The spa is popular with many foreign visitors, especially Russians.
  • Chengdong the Quartet Tai'an Hot Springs (鞍山市海城东四方台温泉度假区).

In addition to there are many smaller bathhouses throughout the city. These bathhouses don't use the natural hot springs but offer similar services. Prices are ¥28-60 for bathing. Extras such as massage may be ¥20-100 for each service. Price lists are usually prominently displayed though only in Chinese. Many spas and bathhouses are open 24 hours and it is quite common for people to sleep overnight in the restrooms after bathing. This can make a cheap alternative to a hotel room.


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