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Nightlife in Tianjin

There are a number of expat bars catering to the visiting business community, most of which can be a little expensive (¥25 upwards for a small bottle of beer) so if you like something a bit more laid back and comfortable.

As far as clubs go, Tianjin is a big university city both for Chinese and foreign students so there are lots of places for dancing. The music policy tends to be mostly Western and Chinese dance, pop and hip hop/R&B, so if you have more alternative tastes in music, the clubs are possibly not for you!

  • Sitong Bar (Somerset Olympic Tower B1 Floor, Chengdu Road 126, Heping District, intersection with Guizhou Lu (和平区成都道126号盛捷奥林匹克大厦B1楼 贵州路口)), +86 22 23377177. Basement of Olympic Hotel, rather nice environment with good service. It is the most cosmopolitan music bar of Tianjin, best DJ´s after 22:00 combined with best music from filipino band.The best place for meet interesting people. Have become the only place people go. The Filipino band, Barman Fire Works and if everydays Good DJ music is present.
  • AlibabaNameless lane, Opposite Bengon's, Tongan Dao, Heping District (和平区同安道兵果士对面无名的小街; Hépíngqū Tóngāndào Bīngguǒshìduìmiàn Wúmíngdexiǎojiē). Comes in a close second to Jim’s. Good Western food, cheap beer and table football. There is also a newly constructed Number 10 Downing Street themed private dining room for hire at the back. Also provides free internet access.
  • The TavernJoy Business Center, Bldg B, 3F+86 22 2341-9696. More up-market and therefore slightly more pricey but a great place to hang out nonetheless. Run by the ever-welcoming British born Aussie, David, they have a good selection of draught beers and live music.
  • Rainbow Pub12 Yanhe Rd, Hexi District (河西区沿河路12号; Héīqū Yánhélù)(Near Sheraton). Very similar to pubs you might find in an English suburban town except the clientele are predominately Chinese. There is also a very kitsch Filipino band in residence here. Great fun and unpretentious to the end. Has recently received some very poor reviews by expats in Tianjin.
  • Scarlet155 Weijin Lu (Above the KFC that is directly across from the main gate of Tianjin University (3rd floor)). This is a nice, pretty upscale dance club. There are a lot of Europeans as well as Chinese people that hang out here. Every Friday and Saturday they have open bar for ¥80, but there is a special restaurant and bar on the 2nd and 19th floors. Go through the main entrance on the 3rd floor and ask anyone that works there (a lot of them speak English) for directions or take the lift.
  • New York BarWeijin Road (Opposite Nankai Uni, 4th floor of the KFC building). Was one of the hits in Tianjin 2-3 years ago. But soon went down because of the DJ's who played there.
  • The Spot Café (The Spot Cafe), Heping District, Nanfu Fang Dajie (Across the street from Tian Yu Hotel on Dian Tai St),  +86 22 27837104. 07:30-24:00.An American owned coffee house providing great coffees, teas, and pastries, as well as a variety of art and cultural events on a regular basis. ¥10.
  • Hank's Sports Bar & GrillNo. 56, ShangGu Business Center, Nankai District(Intersection of TianTaNan Road & ShuiShangDong Road),  +86 23417997.Noon till late evening.. Authentic Chicago cuisine. Steaks, pizza, hamburgers, cold beer & great drinks. A good family and foreigners' meeting place; fine people there; managed and owned by Hank Martin & his wife Jeannie. Cable TV via Hong Kong and Slingbox out of America). Hank's is also the only place in Tianjin that shows the actual NFL football playoffs and has a true Super Bowl party.


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