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Transportation - Get In

Transportation - Get In

By plain

The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport.  is in the area of Hansol, just 15 km north-east from the city-centre. The airport is expanding with permissions for many international air lines being given and development of new terminals. 

There is international direct flight to New York / New Jersey (Newark) via Mumbai served by Air India. Non-stop connections are available for Muscat, Kuwait (Kuwait Airways), Dubai (Emirates), Doha Qatar (Qatar Airways),Sharjah(Air Arabia) and Singapore(Singapore Airlines).

Ahmedabad is well-connected domestically via daily flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Chennai,Bangalore, Goa, Kolkata, Jaipur, Pune,Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Nagpur with connections to several other Indian cities and towns. Recently, flights to Kandla and Surat have also been launched. Most domestic airlines have a flight in and out of Ahmedabad.

Passengers hoping to arrive at the airport early should be advised that the international terminal is not open 24 hours, and may not open until the late afternoon. As at other Indian airports, you will likely be denied entry until approximately three hours before your scheduled flight even if the terminal is open. Therefore, connecting between a domestic and an international flight will often involve waiting outside for hours with the throngs of touts and hustlers.

From airport to city

By car

The Hansol area where the airport is located lies near the river banks, between the areas of Shahibaug and Naroda that give access to Ahmedabad. For travelling to most of the main areas of Ahmedabad, head in the direction of Shahibaug. To the opposite of the river banks is the area of Motera - Chandkheda which are the northern ends of Ahmedabad and are better accessible through Koteshwar - Bhat Road (enters Motera through Koteshwar) orRing Road (leading to Visat, turning left at Tapovan Circle); both these roads branch at different points on the road from Airport Circle (in direction of Naroda from the airport) to Koba Circle (take left from Airport Circle onto Indira Bridge). Also the famous S G Highway can be accessed by heading straight on the Ring Road, instead of turning left for Visat.

The twin city and the state capital, Gandhinagar, is accessible through the road from Airport Circle (in direction of Naroda from the airport): Take left from Airport Circle onto Indira Bridge and keep straight onto the inter - city highway, crossing roundabouts at Tapovan Circle and Koba Circle, ending at 'Indroda Circle' (CH 0), the starting point of Gandhinagar (from South).

By auto rickshaw/taxi

An auto rickshaw or a taxi should cost roughly ₹ 200 - 300 respectively. Save yourself considerable hassle by using the prepaid booth, or preferably arrange a pickup in advance with your hotel.

By AMTS bus

AMTS buses serve the airport directly. These buses have an extensive network all over the city.

By BRTS bus

The BRTS corridor hasn't yet arrived nearby.

Transportation - Get In

By Train

Indian Railways has a very wide network all over India and Ahmedabad (Central) Railway Station (Station code: ADI) is connected with Mumbai(500 km), Vadodara Jaipur, Jodhpur and Delhi with trains several times a day. Daily connections (or multiple weekly connections) are also available to several other major cities including Bikaner, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, Udaipur, Indore, Pune, Bhopal, Kolkata, Nagpur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Bhubaneswar, Puri, Chennai, Nagarcoil, Trivendram, Bangaluru, and Coimbatore. Direct trains are also available for Jammu, Patna, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Kolhapur, Goa, Mangalore, Cochin, Trivandrum, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Ahmedabad Central Railway Station (Kalupur). the main railway station serving the city is located in Kalupur (Central Zone). The other stations serving Ahmedabad are Maninagar, Vatva, Gandhigram, Asarva, Chandlodia, Chandkheda, Saij, Kalol Jn, Kali Gam, Vastrapur, Sabarmati, Sarkhej, Naroda, Gandhinagar, Khodiyar, Aamli. Although the important and well-connected ones are only Sabarmati Junction ( for West & South-bound trains (Ranip). Station code: SBI,  for North-bound trains (Dharmnagar). Station code: SBT) located in the neighbourhood of Sabarmati (Northern West Zone) and  Maninagar Railway Station. (Station code: MAN) located in Maninagar (South Zone).

The website of Indian Railways will show you trains from a particular station to your destination along with days, timings, fares and availability. This will help you find trains from individual stations of Ahmedabad (separate searches) as NOT all trains stop at all stations except of course, the mainAhmedabad Railway Station (Station code: ADI) where each train halts (and for longer durations than any other station). Booking can be done through the website of IRCTC, a subsidiary of Indian Railways or through any of the railway reservation centres throughout India.

From railway stations to city

Ahmedabad Railway Station

It is located in the area of Kalupur (Central Zone). It has a road-side Janmarg BRTS stand within the campus of the railway station, which is just outside the main entrance of the railway station. It is directly served by BRTS buses on the Line no. 9 (towards RTO Circle [Northern West Zone] and towards Ellisbridge [Central West Zone]) and Line no. 10(towards Vasna [Southern West Zone]) and AMTS also directly serves the station to various parts of the city.

Sabarmati Junction

It is located in the neighbourhood of Sabarmati (Northern West Zone), is served by BRTS buses through the BRTS stations of either Sabarmati Powerhouse (closer to the railway station) or Sabarmati Police station, both on Line no. 8 (towards Maninagar (South Zone) and towards Visat Junction (serving the suburb of Chandkheda)). It is also served by AMTS buses directly.

Maninagar Railway Station

It is located in Maninagar (South Ahmedabad) is directly served by BRTS buses on the Line no. 1 (towards RTO Circle [Northern West Zone]), Line no. 5 (towards Iskcon [New West Zone]) and Line no. 8 (towards Visat Junction [Northern West Zone]). AMTS buses also serve the railway station.

Transportation - Get In

By Bus

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC)  has buses from all the parts of the Gujarat state entering into the city with the central bus terminus at Geeta Mandir along with other terminals at Subhash Bridge and Naroda; some minor stops are Paldi and Sabarmati Tollnaka, etc. It is advisable to pre-book seats due to the major possibility of crowding.

From bus terminals/stops to city:

GSRTC Central Bus Terminus (Geeta Mandir). (Central Zone) is served by BRTS buses through the BRTS station of Aastodia Darwaja on the Line no. 9 (towards RTO Circle (West Zone) and towards Ellisbridge (West Zone)) and AMTS buses serve through the stop of Astodia Darwaja.

The GSRTC stop of Sabarmati Tollnaka. is accessible through the BRTS station ofSabarmati Police station, both on Line no. 8 (towards Maninagar [South Zone] and towards Visat Junction [serving the suburb of Chandkheda]). AMTS buses also have a stop nearby.

Transportation - Get In

By Car

From South Gujarat/Maharashtra

You could drive to Ahmedabad from Mumbai on the new highway (NH-8) that's been built, but it will take you around 8 hours (without any traffic jams) to do the 550 odd kilometres. You'll pass Vapi, Valsad, Surat, Bharuch,Vadodara, Anand, and Nadiad on your way. Driving on the NH-8 is an energy sapper and no fun as there is a huge amount of truck traffic. Be aware that broken down trucks on the highway regularly cause traffic jams for hours on end. The journey from Vadodara to Ahmedabad can also be done via the dedicated express way (NE-1) which does not pass through any towns, rather than NH-8.

The expressway from Vadodara (SouthGujarat) to Ahmedabad will end at C.T.M (South Zone).

Via East

Turning right at C.T.M is the Narol - Naroda Road leading you to Naroda in North East Ahmedabad, while passing through the areas of Vastral, Odhav, Nikol, etc. on the right side of the road and the areas of Maninagar, Shastri Nagar, Hansol (Airport Area) on the left side of the road. For the northern areas of Sabarmati, Motera, Chandkheda, etc. turn right at Naroda Patiya Circle, where the Narol - Naroda Road ends, head straight on NH - 8 and turn left at Ranasan Circle onto Ring Road. Turn left at Tapovan Circle, after a few kms, Motera will be on the left side of the highway, Chandkheda on the right. The highway ends at Visat, from where turning left will lead you to Sabarmati.

Via West

Turning left at C.T.M is the Narol - Sarkhej Road which passes through Nehrunagar, Narol, Vatwa, Ghodasar, etc. ending at a T-junction on Vasna Road (or Jawaharlal Nehru Road). From here turn left, pass through the areas of Juhapura, Makarba, etc. till a Y-junction arrives. The right arm will lead you to Sarkhej Cross Roads, from where you turn right onto the S G Highway. The left arm at the Y-junction will lead you via Sarkhej, at Santhal Circle, turn right onto the Ring Road.

Ring Road is preferable if your destination is far (near Northern Ahmedabad) otherwise use S G Highway. Also for Bopal, use only Ring Road.

The major entry points from S G Highway are the areas of Prahladnagar, Shilaj, Vastrapur, Satellite, Bodakdev, Thaltej, Sola, Ognaj, Gota, etc.

From Gandhinagar/North Gujarat/Rajasthan

Via North and East

You can enter Ahmedabad by passing through Gandhinagar. The inter - city highway starts at Indroda Circle (CH 0) (South Gandhinagar), passing through Koba Circle and Tapovan Circle and ends at Visat (Northern West Zone), the junction to the suburbs of Sabarmati, Motera and Chandkheda. Rather than going to Visat, you can also choose to join Ring Road: From Koba Circle head on the road to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (SVP) International Airport, but turn left at Rajasthan Hospital Circle and you're on Ring Road. From here you can connect to the areas of EastAhmedabad such as Nikol, Odhav, Vastral, etc. Also the Southern areas of Ahmedabad, such as Ramol, CTM, Ahmedabad - Vadodara Expressway, Narol, Vatwa, etc. are accessible through Ring Road.

Via West

Another option is to bypass Gandhinagar using Mahatma Mandir Road, then turning right at Sargasan Circle onto S G Highway. You may stay on the S G Highway or turn right at SGVP Circle (also known as Vaishnodevi Circle) onto Ring Road. There are several entry points along the border of extreme Western Ahmedabad, such as Gota, Ognaj, Sola, Thaltej, Bodakdev, Satellite, Vastrapur, Shilaj, Bopal, Prahladnagar, Sarkhej (where S G Highway ends) and Juhapura. For getting to Bopal, use Ring Road rather than S G Highway. Also if you've to go to Southern Ahmedabad, choose Ring Road as it'll be a much faster option than S G Highway.

Transportation - Get Around

The services of AMTS and BRTS close down after 11 PM and resume at 6 AM in the morning.

Transportation - Get Around

By AMTS city bus

The local city buses are run by Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) since 1947, forming a wide network covering almost all the points of Ahmedabad. Any destination in the city can be reached from anywhere in the city by AMTS.

To identify them and distinguish them from the state transport GSRTC buses or the private luxury buses here is the key: The older buses in this service are painted in red and white or in red and yellow, whereas new bright red ones put up under JnNURM are having electronic display boards. You may easily ask around the people esp. those waiting at one of the AMTS stops about the route, time, etc. as the information displayed is in Gujarati. Also,Public Transit option on Google Maps will show you the nearest AMTS stop while searching directions from your location to the destination and it also gives information about the bus numbers, transfer points, etc. though timings might not be reliable. Also you may install an unofficial App named 'Ahmedabad AMTS Info', available on Google Play Store for Android devices, which guides you regarding travel routes, transfers, etc.

AMTS Central Bus Terminus (Lal Darwaja). is located at Lal Darwaja in Central Zone. Other terminals are located at Kalupur, Sarangpur, Old Vadaj (Juna Vadaj), Maninagar, Akhbarnagar (Nava Vadaj), Vasna and Naroda and the depots at Jamalpur, Memco (Naroda Patiya) and Memnagar. In total, AMTS has around 1200 stops with 210 routes.

It is mandatory to board the bus from the rear end door and alight from the front end one. The conductor on the bus will issue you a ticket according to your destination stop. Keep handy some notes of ₹ 10/20/50 denominations rather than the higher ones as the fares are very low (these buses are the cheapest means to travel in the city). A pay - per - ride fare will cost you a minimum fare of ₹ 3, while the maximum fare is only ₹ 25). You may also opt to buy a Man Pasand ticket worth ₹ 45 (available from the bus conductor) which entitles you to unlimited rides for a single day, though it is not preferable to purchase the ₹ 45 ticket as you can complete the journey of going around 4-5 places in just ₹ 30-35. Though, as buses are the most common transport facility for the common people in the city, they are overcrowded at times.

During the journey you may request your co-passengers or the conductor to inform you when the destination arrives/is about to arrive so that you don't miss getting off at your stop and then have to take a reverse trip. Also keep moving towards the front end door as the bus will be crowded with people standing in the corridor between seats and it might be difficult to quickly rush to the door and get off, when your destination arrives (the bus won't halt at a stop more than 10-12 sec, unless it's the AMTS Central Terminus at Lal Darwaja or the last stop of the journey).

Routes can be found at AMTS bus routes (English), Route Network - AMTS and AMTS bus routes (Gujarati)

Heritage/Pilgrim Tours (Dekho Amdavad)

AMTS has a special programme Dekho Amdavad i.e. See Ahmedabad for sight-seeing in Ahmedabad. The buses are air-conditioned (A/C). The starting point is Law Garden Civic Centre. Contact: Toll-free 18002337951 Paid +917926589172

Morning Tour: 07:45 start at Law Garden Civic Centre, visiting Siddi Saiyyed Mosque (Jali), passing through Jhulta Minara (Shaking Minarets), Prem Darwaja (Love Gate), Delhi Darwaja (Delhi Gate), visiting Hutheesingh Jain Temple, Sardar Patel Memorial, Gandhi Ashram-Museum and returning at 13:00.

Afternoon Tour: 13:45 start at Law Garden Civic Centre, passing through IIM, 132 ft Ring Road, APMC, visiting Sarkhej Roza, Vaishnodevi, Adalaj Stepwell, Gandhi Ashram-Museum, Hutheesingh Jain Temple, passing through Prem Darwaja (Love Gate), Jhulta Minara (Shaking Minarets), visiting Kankaria Lake and returning at 20:15.

Sunday Special Pilgrim Tour: 08:00 to 20:00 Visits at Jalaram Temple (Paldi), Bhadrakali Temple (Bhadra/Lal Darwaja), Siddhivinayak Temple (Lal Darwaja), Jagannath Temple (Jamalpur), Hutheesingh Jain Temple (Shahibaug), Swaminarayan Temple (Shahibaug), Gayatri Temple (Shahibaug), Camp Hanuman Temple (Shahibaug), Dholeshwar Mahadev Temple (Gandhinagar), Akshardham Temple (Gandhinagar), Trimandir (Adalaj), Vaishnodevi Temple (S G Highway), Balaji Temple (S G Highway), Bhagwat Vidyapeeth (Gota), ISKCON Temple (S G Highway).

Check this document for more information: Dekho Amdavad - Gujarat Tourism

Transportation - Get Around

By BRTS city bus

Another city bus service, run by Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited (AJL), is the famous Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) introduced in 2009. These buses are silver-coloured and run on dedicated corridors in the centre portion of the roads. As this service is relatively new in comparison to AMTS, all places cannot be accessed but wherever available, it is the best way to commute as it is remarkably faster than other modes (as no other vehicle can ply on BRTS corridor) and all the stations are marked well, in both English and Hindi. One can also travel using a combination of BRTS, AMTS and/or auto rickshaw. The ticket systems of BRTS and AMTS are not integrated. The fares are only slightly higher than AMTS (min. fare ₹ 4, max. fare ₹ 36)

The BRTS stations are elevated shelters in the dedicated central corridor of the city roads, from where you can purchase your ticket. Keep the ticket with you till you don't alight at the destination, where you show the ticket to the checker and then leave the station on to the road. For boarding/alighting, the buses are equipped with central automatic doors that open up automatically when the bus halts at a station. While the bus is about to arrive at a station, there are announcements with name of the station along with display on the electronic board inside the bus. Inside the stations, there will be boards displaying real-time information about arrivals or upcoming buses along with the routes and estimated time remaining for the arrivals. The name of the station will be printed in white letters on blue strips on the sides (horizontal) and on the roof of the station (vertical).

Note: All the BRTS buses and the stations are wheel-chair accessible, as the floor of the gate of the bus is of the same level as the platform of the stations, and there are ramps from road to the elevated platforms on the stations; except those of RTO Circle and Kalupur Railway Station, which are road side shelters unlike the standard BRTS stations.

For information on all the BRTS stations, one may visit the above-linked website, which shows them according to the line, or install an unofficial App of BRTS Ahmedabad available on Google Play Store for Android devices, which provides information such as travel options, routes, fare, time, station names, etc. (Note: The Public Transit option on Google Maps doesn't show BRTS services, only the AMTS ones)

In total up till now, there are 126 BRTS stations, and new ones will be launched in phases as the construction work goes on. Following are the 12 currently operational lines:

  • Line no. 1 RTO Circle - Maninagar
  • Line no. 2 Anjali (Vasna) - Naroda
  • Line no. 3 RTO Circle - Naroda
  • Line no. 4 RTO Circle - Sarkari Litho Press (Delhi Darwaja)
  • Line no. 5 Bopal - Iskcon - Maninagar
  • Line no. 6 Soni Ni Chali - Odhav - S P Ring Road
  • Line no. 7 Sarkari Litho Press (Delhi Darwaja) - Science City Approach
  • Line no. 8 Chandkheda - Visat Junction - Maninagar
  • Line no. 9 RTO Circle - Town Hall (Ellisbridge)
  • Line no. 10 Anjali (Vasna) - Kalupur Railway Station (Ahmedabad Central)
  • Line no. 12 RTO Circle - Nehrunagar - Kalupur - RTO Circle

Transportation - Get Around

By auto rickshaw

You'll spot on the streets, the yellow and green three-wheeled noise machines known as the auto-rickshaws or simply rickshaws. These are always cheaper than taxis and much costlier than AMTS or BRTS when distance is longer than 3 km. They are not very comfortable and spacious. The drivers might ride very roughly, in which case you might request him to drive smoothly and slowly.

Shouting 'auto' or 'rickshaw' at a passing rickshaw should be enough to catch the drivers attention, if you need to—after all, if you don't look Indian, it is likely that if you step outside you will be followed by at least one rickshaw driver pestering you. In most cases, the drivers will be able to understand Hindi and maybe even a few words of English. They are normally quite helpful, but some will try to cheat tourists. As always, agree on a fare before getting in. Day and night fares are different. If you look an out-of-the-town person, you may end up getting overcharged. For example, he might insist on a fare based on meter and take you to your destination through a longer route. Having some understanding about the distances can be helpful.

Transportation - Get Around

By taxi

Since auto rickshaws are the dominant travel mode apart from BRTS and AMTS, there is no taxi culture in Ahmedabad. So you will hardly find a taxi on the roads to hail whenever needed, though you may either book a taxi from a hotel or directly book one outside the railway station. There is a government authorized taxi stand. ₹ 950 per day for 12 hours. It may be more costly to book through hotels, and it is better to negotiate with the driver directly. Online bookings are also possible at various websites.


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