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Food & Restaurants

Food & Restaurants in Yogyakarta

Originally, Yogyakarta dishes were known for their sweetness. However, as more and more people move to Yogya, this small city starts seeing more diversity in flavor. Now you can find many kind of interesting dishes, ranging from sweet, to spicy, to fiery. Sometimes a fusion from other cuisines such as Chinese or Western can be found. Note that restaurants in the center often close quite early by Western standards, with admission often refused after 9PM.

If you want to eat the traditional way, head to Malioboro for a lesehan dinner in front of the closed shophouses, similar to the Japanese eating style on a tatami, but you sit on a mattress and eat with your hands (you can ask for cutleries though). The food is ready to serve, — vegetables, fried and grilled meat (satay, seafood) are the most common, topped with white rice, but you can also order the traditional gudeg. While this is a favorite among locals for the mingle for hours, do not expect very cheap prices.

For supper, the angkringan can serve as a good choice. It is a food seller using hopper as store. The famous food is Nasi/Sego Kucing (literally: Cat Rice) that consists of a small serving rice with asambal (chilies), vegetables and/or freshwater fish, wrapped in a piece of paper or banana leaf. The most popular angkringan is Angkringan Lik Man, also known as Angkringan Tugu, located in Jalan Wongso Dirjan, north side of Yogyakarta Railway Station (Tugu Station). See Angkringan Tugu below. Angkringan usually opens from dusk till dawn.

At most budget hotels usually we can find Nasi Pincuk, a small portion rice with small portion of dishes in banana leaf, in the morning or sometimes in the afternoon. It is relatively cheap, but you need maybe two or three for a hearty meal. All are served by old lady with its bakul on the back selling them either in or outside the building, they never stay than an half hours at one place, but frequently the other old ladies will replace her.

Local delicacies

The following dishes are recommended:

  • Gudeg, a curry of jackfruit, chicken and egg served with rice, and is the most famous local dish. Goopy slop in various shades of brown, the stuff does not look particularly appetizing, but it can be tasty if done right. There are many gudeg restaurants, but the most popular are: Gudeg Wijilan, Gudeg Juminten, Gudeg Bu Tjitro, Gudeg Tugu, Gudeg Bu Ahmad. If you can wake up early in the morning, you may find small stalls serving Gudeg just at the corner of the street, or close to traditional markets. If you can't sleep at night, you can go to Jalan Janturan and enjoy the Gudeg Pawon (enjoying gudeg inside the old style kitchen) that open in late night. Due to the heavy fiber content of young jackfruit and the thick coconut milk, those who have weak stomach may have trouble with gudeg.
  • Ayam goreng Mbok Berek, (Mbok Berek's fried chicken). Fried free range chicken with mild garlic and coriander flavour served with crunchy crackers.
  • Nasi langgi, locally known as sego langgi (langgi rice). Warm rice served with various side dishes. Can be found in small stall in Gandekan St.
  • Kipo, bite size snacks made of green tapioca dough filled with sweetened grated coconut. Can be found in Kotagede.
  • Bakpia, another bite size snack made from sweetened green bean paste wrapped with thin dough pastry. The most popular bakpia is known as Bakpia Patuk, which not surprisingly, are sold in Pathuk street, also known as Jl. Aip K.S. Tubun.
  • Jadah tempe, sandwich of rice cake and sweet beancake. Can be found in Kaliurang.
  • Es rujak or rujak es krim, a fruit salad made from mangos, papayas, apples, pineapples, cucumbers etc., mixed with palm sugar, lime juice, salt, chillies and (of course) ice cream (es krim). All flavours (sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty) in one plate. In case you are at UGM campus, have a look along Jalan Kaliurang. Small foodstalls sell es rujak there (only very late morning to early afternoon). If you are not close to UGM, keep your eyes open.
  • Dapur Solo, Jl. Demangan Baru No. 1. Special Yogyakarta and Jawa Tengah delicacies. Famous here for tourists are nasi timlo and nasi liwet.
  • Soto Kadipiro (Soto Kadipiro Pusat), Jalan Wates No.31, Gg. Darussalam, Ngestiharjo, Kasihan, Bantul+62 274 618 722.


Pasar Tiban Kauman

During the Ramadhan fasting season, the local residents at Kauman area open a temporary market selling many kinds of appetizing snacks and dishes. This market is not only great for sampling local foods, but also great for experiencing old architecture as it is set on a long pathway of a classic Javanese neighborhood. It opens at around 15:00 and closes at 18:00, as the foods are meant to be eaten for breaking the fasting at dusk. Consuming the food in the area before dusk, even if you are not fasting, is considered inappropriate. Kauman means the place for preachers since it is in the same block of the Masjid Agung (the sultan's royal mosque). It was home to many Islamic leaders such as Ahmad Dahlan, the founder of the mainstream Muhammadiyah movement.


Ramadan is the 9th and holiest month in the Islamic calendar and lasts 29–30 days. Muslims fast every day for its duration and most restaurants will be closed until the fast breaks at dusk. Nothing (including water and cigarettes) is supposed to pass through the lips from dawn to sunset. Non-muslims are exempt from this, but should still refrain from eating or drinking in public as this is considered very impolite. Working hours are decreased as well in the corporate world. Exact dates of Ramadan depend on local astronomical observations and may vary somewhat from country to country. Ramadan concludes with the festival of Eid al-Fitr, which may last several days, usually three in most countries.

  • 27 May – 24 June 2017 (1438 AH)
  • 16 May – 14 June 2018 (1439 AH)
  • 6 May – 3 June 2019 (1440 AH)
  • 24 April – 23 May 2020 (1441 AH)

Yogyakarta is a heaven of inexpensive foods, and some tasty and filling dishes can cost as little as Rp 3,000. There are hundreds, if not thousands of hawker stalls offering inexpensive foods.

  • Angkringan Tugu, hawker stall located close to the Tugu Station serving small rice packs (known as sego kucing) and various other foods, 6PM-4AM. The most popular beverages is kopi joss, Javanese espresso dipped with burning coal. Rp 1,000-6,000.
  • Bakmi Jawa Harjo Geno (just off Prawirotaman II street). Probably the best noodles in town, but be prepared to wait 30min - 2 hours!! Tip: if you think that fried noodles go well with beer, you can grab a Bintang at the nearby Tante Lies restaurant.
  • Warung Vegetarian Somayoga0274 7110221, e-mail:.Vegetarian/Vegan organic food. Typical Indonesian food. Very tasty. 10-20 000.
  • Gudeg Tugu, Jl. Diponegoro, close to Kranggan marketplace, 19:00-01:00. Popular Gudeg stall. A complete dish consists of: warm rice, shredded chicken, brown hard-boiled egg, gudeg, areh sauce, and the hot & spicy sambal goreng krecek. Rp 7,000-10,000.
  • Kamikoti Cafe, Ngadisuryan No 4 Alun-alun Selatan. Serving good quality milk, coffee & tea at affordable prices, nearMasangin and the Taman Sari complex. From Rp 5,000.
  • Kindai. This breakfast place serves delicious soto Banjar (a chicken soup from Banjar, South Kalimantan) with a choice of chicken wing and/or egg. They also havenasi kuning (yellow rice) and sate ayam(checken satay).
  • Milas Vegetarian RestaurantJl. Prawirotaman IV 127 B+62 274 7423399, e-mail:. Excellent vegetarian restaurant with an organic vegetable garden, multilingual library, and handicraft shop. They train local youth in organic farming, cooking and running a restaurant. Eat in small, open bamboo huts placed around a small enclosed garden. Delicious fruit shakes. Closed on Mondays.
  • Rame Rame VegetarianJl. Beskalan(Go south on Malioboro from Tugu train station until you reach an intersection with a large Ramaujana store, then turn right (west) onto Beskalan, continue for about 200 m. The restaurant is on the right (south) side of the street. There is a faded red banner advertising vegetarian food). A very small restaurant with meat and vegetarian options and owned by a very friendly woman. Has a delicious soup, noodles, mushrooms, vegetables, meatballs and cilantro for Rp 9,000.
  • Rumah Makan Es Ceria Jl. Gandekan Lor No. 42. (close to sraswijyan, just go west from hotels and turn left). Great, cheap food including a smorgasbord where you choose what you like and then the cashier estimates a price. Tasty and cheap. Also ice deserts and fruit shakes.
  • Sagan Super Sambal (.), Jl. Sagan I no. 5 and Jl. Timoho no. 111 (go east from Tugu Jogja, to Jl. Jendral Sudirman. At the first crossroad (with Gramedia in the corner), turn left (north) to Jl. Cik Ditiro. After 350 m turn right and go straight on until the end of the road with a T-junction; you will see the restaurant in the right corner of the T-junction),  +62 274 589279. Specialising in sambal, the Indonesian delicacy of spicy, hot chilli infused sauce. Also, Indonesian-style beef ribs Rp 5,000-30,000.
  • Soto Pak Soleh. Tegalrejo, near Diponegoro Museum. This well-known restaurant is Pak Soleh's family business and is now operated by his son. They only serve Yogyakarta-style beef soup as their main menu, which has a spicy taste from ginger. Rp 5,000.
  • Spesial Sambal. A local chain for those who like spicy, hot food. Their speciality, as the name suggests, is their various types of sambal (sambal is a kind of hot relish). Rp 5,000-12,000.
  • Waroeng Steak. A local restaurant chain. Their speciality is batter-fried beef steak served with thick gravy. Rp 6,000-15,000.
  • Waroeng Jepara, Jl. Wolter Monginsidi 49, Jogjakarta. Fame for their traditional Jepara flavours (only warung in Jogjakarta that serves Jepara food), this modern-furnished warung is run by friendly locals. Speciality includes "pecil pari" (spicy stingray), "bothok tahu" (tofu in papaya leaf) and "sayur lodeh" (jackfruit soup). Rp 5,000-30,000.
  • Xtra Hot, Jl. Main, Kaliurang, (next to BCA Bank). A local tent (tenda) restaurant specialising in grilled food, with a good variety of sambals (chili) to choose from, yet with good prices. From Rp 4,500.
  • Soto Sawah Pak Slamet. A local chicken soup store located at 5 km west side from Yogya, Open morning - afternoon. Rp 5,000
  • Soto Pak Marto (opposite of Jogja Expo Center - JEC). A local delicacy - usually eaten for breakfast - of beef based soup served with rice (mixed in or separate). Offal are include in unless specifically asked for beef only. Fried offal, to be eaten with kecap manis, is delicious.
  • Pempek Ulu Bundar Located strategically near to Mirota crossroad, serves delicious pempek and kakap meat ball soup. Most expensive menu is Rp 5,000.
  • The House of Raminten, Jl. Faridan Muridan Noto 7, (next to Mirota Bakery, can be reached using Trans Jogja bus). Javanese restaurant with traditional food like jamu godhog (Indonesia's herbal recipe). From Rp 5,000.
  • Kopi Jos (from Tugu Train Station turn left until you reach a boulevard then take another left turn). A row of hawker stalls (angkringan) that sell snacks and the famous Kopi Jos - coffee with coal.


  • AgliOö!. Used to be the best pizza in town. Now it moved a couple of blocks away from the original location, and probably changed the chef too - the quality has definitely gone down.
  • FoodFezt, Jl. Kaliurang km 5.5.,  +62 274 554554. Many kinds of local Indonesian foods: Nasi kebuli, nasi merah, soto betawi, sate buntel, mushroom satay and also dessert like pancakes, ice creams etc. It has a garden with lots of bamboo tree and other plants. The waiters use wireless gadgets to serve their customers in order to maintain a 'paperless' order system.
  • Ayam Goreng SuhartiJl. Laksda Adisucipto 208,  +62 274 515522. A very popular mbok berek fried chicken restaurant, the recipe still remains a secret.
  • Bakmi Kadin, Jl. Bintaran Kulon 3. Javanese style soft-fried noodles. Don't miss the popular wedang bajigur, a local beverages made from warm coconut milk with subtle ginger flavour and garnished with diced coconut and kolang-kaling. Local kroncong street quartet often performs in the area. Rp 18,000-20,000.
  • Dixie Easy Dining (Dixie), Jl. Gejayan 40b (south Selokan Mataram), +62 274 560745. Offers western and Asian dishes in a modern Asian style. Nice modern-ethnical interior. Rp 8,000-50,000.
  • EasyGoIn' Restaurant & BarJl. Prawirotaman No. 12,  +62 274 384 092, e-mail: . 10:30-00:15. A modern & colourful restaurant & bar serving delicious Indonesian, Western and Mexican dishes in a comfortable and warm atmosphere. Also a great place for a Happy-hour drink (14:00-19:00) at the bar while meeting locals and travellers. Fridays acoustic live music band from 20:30. Pool table & Wifi are free of charge. Mains: Rp 30,000–140,000.
  • Empek-Empek KamtoJl. Beskalan 3 (opp to Ramai Shopping Mall's south entrance),  +62 274 514294. Originating from Palembang, deep-fried fish cake and served with sour soy sauce. There are many varieties of empek-empek: kapal selam (means submarine) comes with boiled eggs inside,adaaan/bulat has a garlic taste, while lenggang is an empek-empek omelette.
  • Gudeg Sagan, An eating place in Jalan Sagan (In front of Toko Sagan Baru) offering rice, seasoned porridge, gudeg, areh sauce, sambal goreng krecek, complete with chicken and brown hard-boiled egg.
  • Gudeg Wijilan Yu DjumJl. Wijilan 31, Kraton & Jalan Kaliurang km 4.5, Karangasem CT III/22+62 274 515968. A more lavish variety of Gudeg, served with thicker sauce, and more expensive as well.
  • Kedai Rakjat Djelata (as you exit Lempuyangan station walk left, cross the main street (under the bridge) and go right. total walking time 5 minutes).Javanese cuisine with a modern twist. Tasty food in a nice setting, yet not expensive.
  • Kedai Tiga NyonyaJl. Jendral Sudirman 16.,  +62 274 589315. 10:00-22:00. Peranakan food restaurant, a fusion of Indonesian, Chinese and Dutch cuisine. Their speciality is grilled fish, sour ribs soup and candlenut chicken.Rp20,000-Rp50,000.
  • Kesuma Restaurant, Gang Sartono 827 / MJ 3 (opposite side of Prawirotaman market), +62 274 8245027. Lunch (12:00-14:00) only available for reservations, dinner 18:00-23:00. Sunday closed. A cozy and pleasant place where you can find an excellent local home cooking. There is a small garden where guests can settle in a gazebo, the main room is in a limasan, a traditional Javanese style wooden house. Rp 100,000 - 150,000.
  • Mie Bandung. Despite the name, this is not a noodle restaurant, but rather a Chinese restaurant. Don't expect authentic Chinese food, but rather Indonesian-Chinese. The wonton is really good though, and they also serve beer! If you find yourself craving Chinese food in Jogja, this is one of the few places you can go to.
  • Pecel SoloJl. Palagan Tentara Pelajar 52, Sleman (adj Hyatt Regency)+62 274 866588. Offers a large selection of Solo style foods like Pecel Solo (vegetables with peanut sauce), Sego Liwet (steamed rice with sweet curry sauce), Nasi Kebuli (pungent rice with roasted lamb), and Bebek Goreng (fried duck Solo style). Rp 10,000-30,000.
  • Pesona RasaJalan Aip. II K. S. Tubun no. 15,  +62 274 7001471. A nice Chinese food family restaurant. Serves delicious and fresh Chinese dishes as: fried rice, fried noodle, tofu, fresh capjay and vegetables, with strategic place in Pathuk area and only 5 minutes from Malioboro. With friendly service and wallet-friendly price.
  • Quali Resto, Plaza Ambarrukmo, 3rd floor, near the foodcourt. Serves various kind of Chinese dishes, but their specialty is kwetiaw (wide noodles). Rp 15,000.
  • Sate Karang, Lapangan Karang, Kotagede. 17:00-22:30. Grilled beef satay served with lontongs (rice cake), peanut sauce and thin curry soup. Rp 15,000.
  • Sapi Bali, Jl. Umbul Permai, Mudal, Sariharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, +62 274 7858938. Serves Balinese style ribs, although a little too hot and spicy for some foreigner. If you do not like hot and spicy food, opt for the Soy Sauce Ribs. Rp 25,000.
  • Sendang K Pitoe+62 274 747 1114. A famous shrimp and sea food restaurant located on the outskirts of the city specifically Jamur, Minggir, Sleman. Very delicious fried shrimp served fresh from the ponds in the still relatively untouched village. Should not be confused by the nearby Mang Engking, also a shrimp restaurant with an ill-earned reputation for dirty food.
  • Taj Indian KitchenJl. Urip Sumoharjo 103H (200 m west of the Empire XXI Cinema),  +62 274 562469, e-mail: .11.30AM-12AM. New restaurant as of 2016 which serves authentic traditional Indian food. Open for lunch and dinner. Modern interior, and there is a lounge above the restaurant which serves cocktails and hard liquor. $4-7.
  • Takigawa. Japanese restaurant that also serves shabu-shabu (Japanese hot pot).
  • Via Via, Jl. Prawirotaman, An excellent traveller's cafe, there are clocks on the wall showing the time in other Via Via cafes around the world and a mix of travellers and Indonesian locals. Offers a range of western dishes (good French onion soup) and specialty Indonesian dishes at a good price. Caters very well to vegetarians (tofu and tempe). Cane chairs and lots of space and games. Rp 20,000-40,000.


Yogya is filled with many 'high-end' restaurants serving many kind of dishes, from western to Asian to Asian-fusion cuisines.

  • Royal Garden RestaurantJl. Pekapalan 7, Alun-Alun Utara,  +62 274 386767, +62 274 373343. Chinese-Indonesian dishes with kraton style atmosphere Rp 40,000-80,000.
  • Gajah WongJl. Gejayan+62 274 588294. Serves many kind of dishes including French, Italian, Indian, Chinese as well as Indonesian. Divided into 3 zones: Country, Javanese and Colonial, each is lavishly decorated and themed with live music. In the Javanese zone, you can hear the Javanese gamelan music performed throughout the night, while the Colonial zone has a live jazz band.
  • Androwino BistroJl. Laksda Adisucipto Km 8.7.,  +62 274 488588. The all day dining restaurant offering Continental and Asian cuisine in a relaxed modern Javanese setting. The restaurant is located at the top floor of Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort & Spa where at the entrance of the restaurant guests will be welcomed with a big painting of grandfather from the hotel’s owner named Sampean Dalem Ingkang Sinuhun Kandjeng Susuhunan Pakoe Boewono X, 1896 – 1939 (King of Solo) and guests will see the beautiful landscaping of Tamansari water castle swimming pool and breathtaking mount Merapi.
  • Sasanti RestaurantJl. Palagan Tentara Pelajar (just south from Hyatt Hotel).Western and Indonesian dishes with lush garden decoration.


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