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Ski Resort in Iran


Dizin is the largest Iranian ski resorts. north of Tehran. The highest ski lift reaches 3,600 m (11,800 ft), making it one of the 40 highest ski resorts in the world. Dizin ski resort is situated to the north of Tehran in Alborz mountain range at Gajereh region, and is just 71 km. (43 miles) north of Tehran, Iran.

The resort is accessible from Tehran by 2 roads, one is the upper road via Shemshak (71 Km. - This road is sometimes closed due to heavy snow) and the other one, the lower road via Karaj (120 km.).It is probably the most liberal public place in Iran. Popular with rich Iranians form north Tehran on the weekend (Thursday and Friday) but during the week it is barely visited.

The ski season in Dizin lasts longer than European ski resorts (from December to May) because of its high altitude. The air is also drier than at a lot of European resorts, making for some excellent powder. The high number of sunny days makes it an excellent place for ski holidays.

Ski resort

The resort is nowaday managed by "Raika", a company owned by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Dizin ski amenities include hotels, cottages, restaurants, villas and private apartments. Dizin ski resort accommodates thousands of people every year. There are also other facilities such as tennis courts, mountain climbing, mountain biking. Ski instruction courses are offered.

The resort is opened all year long offering various activities during winters and summers.

Ski area

The ski area includes 4 gondolas, 3 chairlifts, and 9 surface lifts. The lowest point of the resort is 2650m, while its highest point is 3600m (11,811 feet above the sea level).

Dizin is the first ski and winter sport resort in Iran which has been officially recognized and granted the title by the International Ski Federation for its capability in administrating official and international competitions. It gained its official title for its specific physical and technical features such as the course slope, length of the course and the place where the competitions and races are to be held, as well as amenities and other recreational facilities.

Transportation - Get In

From Tehran:

  • Taxi. 300-350,000 rials one-way.
  • Group tour organized by hotel or your travel agent.
  • Minibus  - Leaves very early in the morning, around 5am, and departs from Dizin around 3pm. Price is 100,000 rials return.

There are two ways to reach Dizin from Tehran. The longest and safest way is through Karaj, this road is usually open but it takes about 2,5 hours. The quickest way is directly north passing through the resort of Shemshak. Between Shemshak and Dizin the road is steep and frequent avalanches means this part of the road often is closed. The minibus mentioned above use this way - Unless you are on a day-trip it is strongly advised you take the road through Karaj.

Make sure you check the weather and snow forecast before you leave, especially if are traveling the direct route.

Ski run & Terrain

Dizin ski resort is the biggest and the most diversified in Iran. The ski area is located in a large funnel shaped valley.

From the snow front, 4 lifts next to one another serve each sides of the all area – 3x Gondolas + 1x Chairlift. Due to Dizin’s configuration, you can stay above 3000m and ski all day long, without getting bored ! The North exposure of the slopes guarantee great snow quality all along the ski season.

For freeskiing, Dizin is a goldmine ! Besides the great powder field located between the slopes, the resort offers numerous off-pistes trails :

  • To the east, a trail is going behind the mountain back to the small village of Gajereh located on the road to Dizin
  • From the last gondola station, you can reach Darbandsar by  ski touring
  • Heliskiing is possible from Dizin parking lot (Watchout for your carbon footprint…)
  • For freestylers, a small snowpark offers few rails and jumps.

Ski lifts info & tickets


Chalet Gondola175021504802980
Chalet Surface Lift4607201803160
Race Course Surface Lift95011502303210
Gholleh Double Chairlift182021503803360
Gholleh Gondola195026004303410
Dopplmayr Surface Lift 16307201803160
Dopplmayr Surface Lift 27608502003180
Darreh Gondola248029605103010
Sichal Surface Lift110013002903140
Gavazni Surface Lift120014603203170
Villa Surface Lift6008002202720
Chaman Double Chairlift143017503352650
Chaman Surface Lift7508901502650
Chaman Restaurant Beginner Lift250250102860
Chaman Gondola148017503852850