Food & Restaurants

Food & Restaurants in Shiraz

Local foods

  • Kebab with rice - Like elsewhere in Iran, the mighty old kebab with rice is a common fare, though Shiraz does offer a local variation on the national dish.
  • Shirazi salad - A delicious and famous salad available throughout Iran, made with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and a simple lemon juice and olive oil dressing.
  • Kalam polo - Traditional food cooked only in Shiraz. Some delivery food restaurants serve this food, but it can hardly be found in normal restaurants. It is made of rice, meatballs, chopped cabbage and some other vegetables and spices.
  • Ash-e Shirazi - This is a kind of soup made of vegetables and meat. It is served all over the city, but only early in the morning, from 5 to 7 am.
  • Masghati Halva - A great dessert and snack.
  • Nokhod (Chickpea) Cookie - Delicious cookie made of chickpeas, it makes for great souvenirs.
  • Shirazi Faloodeh - Paloodeh/Faloodeh is an ice cream made of rice starch, which takes the form of noodles. It is flavored with "sharbat" (sugar water), which can be of different flavors. Shirazi paloodeh is the best of its kind, especially when mixed with Bahar-e-Naranj Distill.


Many of these places have live music playing.

  • Haft khan, buffet and classic restaurant, Iranian and international cuisine
  • Bel passi, Italian Restaurant
  • Brentin
  • Lotus Restaurant, on the 13th floor of Pars International Hotel
  • Lotus Restaurant, on the top floor of Setareh-e-Fars Shopping Centre
  • Kaktoos Restaurant
  • Shater Abbas
  • Sharzeh Restaurant, a classic old restaurant located just outside the Vakil bazaar
  • Soofi Restaurant, traditional restaurant located at Sattarkhan St.
  • Hammam-e-Vakil (Vakil Bath), classic old style restaurant
  • Parmin Restaurant
  • Shandiz Restaurant
  • Sita Traditional Restaurant, with live Iranian music
  • Gambron SeaFood Restaurant, serving food from the whole of Persian gulf
  • Dragon, Chinese Food
  • Noor, Lebanese Restaurant, Chamran Blv
  • Zeytoon, classic restaurant, Iranian restaurant
  • Shater abbas, traditional Iranian restaurant, located in khak shenasi St.

Fast Food

You can find at least one fast food parlor in every Street of Shiraz.

  • Bagro, experience the real taste of pizza and sandwich in a lovely place
  • Givani, modern restaurant offering Burgers, FC, Pizza
  • Safir SFC, another Modern themed restaurant
  • Exis, Italian and Mexican Fast Foods
  • Sand, a lovely fast food with a unique interior design
  • Iranwich
  • Hot
  • Rabo
  • Soofi
  • Shaverma
  • 110 Wimpy
  • Emperor
  • Zaver, great Italian pizzas
  • Haft khan
  • lio good
  • Baba bastani (بابا بستنی), West Ghodoosi Blv. Ice cream shop, more creamy than most other ice cream found in Shiraz. Try the special cone ice cream. The shop is popular with the locals, so expect a queue. No seats but there is a small park beside.

Food Gardens

There are a lot of gardens out of Shiraz, and many have been remodeled as restaurants. Most have live music playing in the evenings and offer great view.

  • Nakhlestan Garden
  • Padra Garden, relatively new
  • Darband Garden
  • Silvia Garden


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