Sights & Landmarks

Sights & Landmarks

Tel Aviv is a big place, and these listings are just some highlights of things that you really should see if you can during your visit. The complete listings are found on each individual district page alongside many more things to see in each district.

Attractions by area


  • Yarkon park. Tel Aviv's central park along the Yarkon River. The park stretches from Tel Aviv's port in the west to neighbouring city Petah Tikva in the east. It is heavily used by residents for all kinds of physical and leisure activities. One unique local custom is to tie balloons to the trees to claim a spot for picnics or parties later in the day.

Central Tel Aviv

  • Tel Aviv Port
  • Rabin Square
  • Habima Square - A public space in the center of Tel Aviv, which is home to a number of cultural institutions such as the Habima Theatre, the Fredric R. Mann Auditorium and the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art
  • Azriely Center Observatory
  • Sarona
  • Dizengoff Centre - Israel's most iconic shopping centre with a very lively food market every Thursday and Friday
  • Rothschild Boulevard - a lot of Bauhaus architecture, restaurants and cafes in Tel Aviv's prettiest street
  • Shore Promenade, Also called Tel Aviv beach promenade or "Shlomo Lahat" promenade


Jaffa is a must see for any visitor to Tel Aviv, holding historical sites and various shops, restaurants and events.


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