Food & Restaurants

Food & Restaurants in Aomori

Aomori's list of food specialties is extensive, but the headliners include apples, scallops, and garlic.

  • Aomori Gyosai Center (青森魚菜センター), 1-11-16 Furukawa, Aomori-City(Go straight when you leave Aomori Station. Turn right after Auga Department Store. Turn left on the next main street, Niko Niko Dori (Smile Street). Turn right on the first side street; the market has a big red sign that says 青森魚菜センター.).7AM-5PM. If you're looking for a unique lunch featuring lots of fresh, local seafood, try making your own nokkedon sushi bowl at this seafood and vegetable market. First, buy tickets from the counter with the 丼 flag. Get a bowl of rice, and then trade your tickets for the toppings of your choice from vendors throughout the market. You can eat and help yourself to tea at picnic tables throughout the market. from about ¥1000 depending on your selections.
  • Osanai (おさない) (100m away from the train station). A small restaurant that serves local meals at a reasonable price. Try the scallops (hotate), or the local dish made of soup with seafood containing sea urchins, scallops and egg, and served on a plate that resembles a large scallop shell.
  • Cafe Skyline GustoShinmachi (450 m. from Aomori Station, across the street from Hyper Hotel and the Passage courtyard.). 7AM-2AM. A chain diner to comfort the weary foreign travelers with late hours, a relaxed atmosphere, a self-serve soft-drink bar, and familiar menu items, all with pictures.
  • Hotate-goya (ホタテ小屋) (in front of Aomori Station). 10AM-10PM. Scallops are an Aomori specialty, and you can catch and eat your own at Hotate-goya, the "scallop shack." For 500 yen, you have three minutes to catch as many as you want, which you can than grill or eat raw. Or you can just order off the menu.
  • Aji no Sapporo Asari (味の札幌 浅利), 〒030-0801 Aomori Prefecture, Aomori, Shinmachi, 1 Chome−11−23 小林第二ビル 1F (go straight from the station and turn left at the Alaska Hotel.). Once of Aomori's more unusual specialties is "miso-curry-milk ramen." You can try it at this tiny ramen shop next to the Alaska Hotel.
  • Saigon (straight from the station, right at the 4th light; Saigon is about a block down on the right). If you want a break from Japanese food, Saigon has a crazy potpourri of "ethnic" food from Asia, the Americas, and beyond. The menu has lots of pictures. There's an extensive drink menu with "all you can drink" (nomihodai) options available.
  • Furaibo (ふうらいぼう、風来坊) (straight from the station, on the left next to Gusto. Green sign. 2F.). If you find yourself looking for breakfast before 8AM, try this weird little cafe with electronic card games for tables. The morning set is a bargain at about ¥500, with buttered toast, salad, ham, a fried egg, and syphon-brewed coffee. You may be sharing the cafe with some folks having morning ramen at the end of a night of drinking. from ¥500.
  • Maron (マロン), Yasukata, 2 Chome−6−7 (straight from the station, left at the 5th light (Kencho Dori); on the left. Across the street from Utou Shrine.), +81 17-722-4575. 11AM-9:30PM. Casual cafe with decorated with old clocks and other antique knick-knacks. Morning set, lunch items and sweets available. ¥500-¥1500.
  • Smile and Spoon Kitchen Studio (スマイル&スプーンキッチンスタジオ), 青柳2丁目2-16 (30 minute walk from Aomori Station. Next to Aomori Baptist Church.),  +81 17-773-2535. Right around the corner from Hotel Aomori. This little cafe has a daily lunch special and a "trip around the world" lunch from a new country each week. about ¥1000.


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