Sights & Landmarks

Sights & Landmarks

Town Center

  • Nebuta House Wa Rasse (ねぶたの家ワ・ラッセ), 1 Chome-1-1 Yasukata, Aomori, Aomori Prefecture 030-0803 (Turn left out of Aomori Station.),  +81 17-752-1311. The distinctive red building houses exhibits about the Nebuta, including several floats, if you're unable to make it during festival season. ¥600 for adults.
  • Aomori Bay Bridge (青森ベイブリッジ Aomori Bei Buridji). This bridge spans a short harbor inlet that could easily be walked around in five minutes, so it appears to be basically an excuse for public funding as a tourist attraction.
  • Hakkōda-maru Memorial Ship (八甲田丸) (left from the train station towards the giant boat). The ferry which connected Hokkaido and Aomori prior to the building of the Seikan Submarine Tunnel is now a somewhat run down museum, but worth checking out if you're interested in regional history, trains, or boats. The rear part of the deck of the ferry serves as a beer garden on summer nights.
    • Tsugaru Kaikyō Fuyu-Geshiki (津軽海峡・冬景色). This memorial alongside the ferry terminal looks like it might honor some historical event or local hero, but it's actually dedicated to a song. Meaning "Tsugaru Strait winter scenery", the 1977 hit ballad is an all-time karaoke favorite.
  • ASPAM (Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center) (アスパム). A large triangular building that can be easily spotted from the train station or the bridge, this is the tourism center for all of Aomori prefecture. It includes a movie about the prefecture (Japanese only) and an observation deck with views of the harbor and city (extra charge).
  • Aomori Prefectural Museum (青森県立美術館). Exhibits about the natural and cultural history of Aomori prefecture.
  • Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art (棟方志功記念館), 2-1-2 Matsubara,Aomori City,Japan 030-0813 (15 minutes by car from Aomori Station),  +81 177774567. 9:30AM-5:00PM. Shiko Munakata is famous for his woodblock prints, displayed in this very small gallery along with some of his paintings and calligraphy. Closed Mondays except for national holidays and during Nebuta. ¥500.
  • Utou Shrine (善知鳥神社) (15 minute walk from Aomori Station). There are nice gardens and ponds tucked away behind the main shrine. There's also a "power spot" -- it's said if you wash your coins in a certain fountain there, you'll be free from money troubles.

South West

  • Sannai Maruyama (三内丸山) (next to the Aomori Museum of Art). A historical site dedicated to the Jomon people, as many Jomon artifacts and construction remains have been uncovered here. The special significance of this site is that there are two types of constructions that indicate a change from a nomadic to a sedentary way of life. The site has reconstructions of buildings from the Jomon area. As the Jomon diet seems to have included chestnuts, don't miss the chestnut ice cream cones in the gift shop. free.
  • Aomori Prefectural Museum of Art (青森県立美術館), 185 Chikano, Yasuta, Aomori City, Aomori Pref. 038-0021 (From the JR Aomori train station 10-15 minutes by car or taxi, 20-30 minutes by bus bound for "SANNAI MARUYAMA ISEKI"), +81 17-783-3000. 6/1 - 9/30 9:00 - 18:00 10/1 - 5/31 9:30 - 17:00. A well maintained museum with a permanent collection featuring Marc Chagall's backdrops for Aleko, large collections by Aomori natives Yoshitomo Nara, Shiko Munakata, and other artists from Aomori and abroad. The Sannai Maruyama site is within walking distance. 500 yen.

Asamushi Onsen

A hot springs resort town on Mutsu bay with a large number of inns. At many of the inns and hotels, you can pay a small fee to use the bath even if you're not staying overnight.

  • Asamushi Aquarium (浅虫水族館 asamushi suizokukan). A nice aquarium that features a dolphin show and a transparent underwater tunnel.
  • Tsubaki-kan (椿館), 〒039-3501 青森県青森市大字浅虫字内野14 (30 minutes by train from Aomori Station, 6 minute walk from Asamushionsen Station),  +81177523341. One of many traditional inns in Asamushi Onsen. There are options for day plans and overnight stays with meals and access to the hot spring bath. from ¥10000 per person for overnight stays including meals.


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