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Nozawa Onsen

Festivals & Events

Festivals & Events

Cultural Folk Festival 'Dousojin Fire Festival'

15th January (Each Year)
With a gallant display of bravery, this traditional Fire Festival is one of Japan's top 3.
The years largest event, come watch as the flames leap high and fierce!

19:00 – The ceremonial fire source commences its journey
19:30 – Ceremonial Lanterns are erected
20:00~ Fireworks display & Drum troupe performance 20:30: The ceremonial fire source arrives
20:30~ Nozawa Village representatives, Ceremonial lantern holders and small children take part in a mock, ceremonial assault on the Shrine
20:50~ Adults assault the tower for real in an attempt to burn it down
22:00: Ceremony finishes

Valentines Day: Complimentary Chocolate Fondue!

14th February
To all those fine gents who were lucky enough to receive a bunch of Chocolates this Valentine's Day, and those not so fortunate, are all invited Nozawa Onsen Ski resort this 14th of February!
Receive a small gift when you purchase your lift tickets at the Ticket office. Plans are also currently under way to bring to you a free fondue service, right on the slopes!

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