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Festivals & Events in Almaty

Voice of Asia

This festival is one of the major tourist attractions in Almaty. Voice of Asia also known as Azïya Dawısı, is an annual music festival held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This festival is usually held at Medeo. It is a speed skating rink located on the outskirts of Almaty, Tian Shah, 1693 meters above the sea level. This rink has witnessed many official Olympic records. Several Asian and European Artists participate in this annual event. The award function encompasses different categories like best music composer and sound designer.

Almaty International Film Festival

The Almaty International Film Festival is an annual film festival held at Almaty. This festival is currently in its seventh year of running and is a major attraction among film enthusiasts, both tourists and locals alike.

The seventh edition of the Almaty International Film Festival was held in the month of May. Silk Way City is the official Center of the movie festival. Renowned actors and filmmakers attend this prestigious event and collectively honor the stalwarts from the industry. This annual festival aims at encouraging young talent in this field. Those present can get a chance to watch different movies produced and directed by filmmakers across the globe.

International Nauryz Holiday

This is the official holiday in Kazakhstan. Nauryz is the symbol of the New Year. It is also considered as a symbol of peace and unity. This tradition is also followed in other countries like Iran and Afghanistan. Several tourists time their visit to coincide with this international holiday. Many competitions are held during this annual festival. Horse races and hand to hand combats are also arranged during this festival. Some of the other activities include song and dance competitions. Almaty residents share a special yoghurt soup with guests during the festival. It is a belief that Nauryz brings good luck to the people of Almaty. March 21 marks the official commencement of this festival and it lasts for at least one month.

International Almaty Jazz Holiday

This festival was earlier known as the Jazz from A to Z. It is now an annual festival in Almaty. The events during this festival are arranged at the Republic Schoolchildren Palace. Jam sessions also take place at the Cinema Bar club. International Jazz artists like Dennis Rollins, Roy Dackus and Philippe Renault have attended the Jazz festival.

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