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Sights & Landmarks in Almaty


  • Ascension Cathedral (Zenkov's Cathedral, Voznesenskiy sobor Zenkova, Свято-Вознесенский собор Зенкова), Kazybek Bi St (Middle in the Park the 28 Guardsmen, Metro 'Zhibek Zholy' (Жибек Жолы) station 400 m away). Completed in 1907, it is the second-tallest wooden building in the world.
  • Kazanskiy sobor (Казанский собор), Khaliullina str (Халиуллина) 45(NE three km of Metro). A Russian Orthodox Church
  • St. Nicholas Cathedral (Никольский собор.), Ulitsa Baytursynov (Near to Nikolsky Bazaar.- The Baykonur Metro Station three blocks away). Was built in 1909. It was converted to a barn for cavalry horses by the Soviets but was eventually restored and reopened as a church in 1980.
  • Sophia Cathedral (Софийский собор/Sofiyskiy sobor, Свято-Богоявленский храм), Ulitsa Sadovnikov (Садовникова улица), 196.+7 727 225 0313.


  • Heroes Memorial ParkBetween Kunaev St, Gogol St, Zenkov St and Kazybek Bi St (Metro 'Zhibek Zholy' station in the nearby). Honors the men and women from Kazakhstan who died on the battlefields of the WWII against the Nazis. There is an eternal flame by the war memorial where schoolchildren put flowers on the last day of school, and newlyweds also come to have their photos taken there. In the park is an Orthodox church built from 1904-1907, painted in dollhouse colors with a metallic steeple. You can often hear beautiful singing inside.
  • Presidential PalaceFurmanov St (ул. Фурманова), 205. You will not be allowed to go inside. Nonetheless, the scenery and architecture is breathtaking. If the guards are out front, it means the president is there.
  • Republic Square (New Square, пл. Республики). Former administrative center. Since the capital was moved to Astana, this square has been renovated. TV stations occupy some buildings. There are flower gardens. There is also a Kazakh memorial, consisting of a tall statue of the golden boy, an early Kazakh figure, whose name is Altyn Adam, and circled by metal bas relief panels recounting the history of Kazakhstan, from the time of the fierce Amazon-like queen, to independence 10 years ago.

Further afield

  • Charyn Canyon (Шарын шатқалы, Шарын каньоны) (3 hr from the city, close to the Chinese border.). Gorgeous red and orange sandstone layers. The "Singing Dunes" are also not too far. A day trip.

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