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Festivals & Events in Langkawi

The Langkawi Festivals in Malaysia are such an extraordinary experience that a trip to Langkawi would not be complete without seeing some of them. All of these festivals are fun to get involved with. This is a time for you to let go and lose yourself in having an absolutely wild time. The natives actually expect you to get involved with dancing and singing as they celebrate. A few of the festivals center around water sports and competitions while some are national or religious.

Langkawi Water Festival of Kedah

The inhabitants of Langkawi respect their water sports festivals highly since sailing on the water has been their mainstay of life for generations. On the languorous beaches of Pantai Cenang is where the Langkawi Water Festival occurs. You can observe a number of games like water polo and extreme water sports but kayaking is the prominent attraction. The shoreline is overflowing with the colorfully painted kayaks lined up waiting to run the races. Everything comes to a close when the Labuan International Sea Challenge comes to an end.

Langkawi Craft Complex of Kedah

This complex of selling stalls plays host to an annual arts and crafts festival that will absolutely astound you. If exotic and exquisite handcrafted items are what you enjoy, this is a feast. Your senses will be overwhelmed with all the intense colors, complex patterns and such creativity. You can see the huge amount of effort put into the crafts. All kinds of souvenirs are available for purchase, and you will be pleased at the incredibly low cost for such remarkable artwork. Pewter, silk fabrics, beadwork, blowpipes, and much more fill up the stalls in the complex.  

National and Religious Festivals

On August 31 a huge festival named Merdeka is observed to celebrate Malaysia’s independence from Singapore which happened in 1963. Parades, parties and events of all sorts are in full swing to commemorate this great national day. The venues are overflowing with natives shouting their thankfulness for liberty. The biggest ethnic feast is the Chinese New Year Festival. It usually falls in January or February and continues for 15 days with the Chinese community just having all sorts of entertainment.
All the major religions have their own festivals to celebrate specific parts of their religion. Muslims honor the Eid-al Fitr, the end of Ramadan. This is the Muslim community’s largest celebrated event. Hindus celebrate the festival of light known as the Deepavali and they also recognize Thaipusam which is a pilgrim celebration. Christians in Langkawi have the festivals of Christmas and Good Friday.        

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