Beaches in Muscat

On private beaches western swimwear is acceptable. On public beaches, however, visitors should be mindful of Omani conservative norms. Women are advised to stick with one-piece suits, and men should opt for longer swimming shorts (not speedos); keep shoulders and knees covered unless you are actually on the beach. Women may find a parasol helpful to hide from prying eyes.

Beaches with a sign 'Family Beach' are closed to single or bachelor men.

  • Qurum Public Beach (Qurum). No facilities except open showers. Clean and well-maintained, with places offering jetskis for rent near the Intercontinental. This beach gets very busy on weekends. Free.
  • Marjan Public Beach (PDO Public Beach) (near Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Qurum Heights). This beach is quiet during the day, and more lively in early evenings. There are some small, excellent coral reefs just a short distance from the shore, suitable even for novice snorkelers. Clown fish, parrot fish, sea cucumbers, and occasionally sea turtles and rays can be spotted here. Free.
  • Al Ghubrah Public Beach (between the Chedi Hotel and the desalination plant, Al Ghubrah). This is a family-oriented beach, with picnic benches and shaded areas. In the evening near the desalination plant there are several food trucks which offer good and inexpensive fare, including grilled meat and fish, lentil soup, and potato salads. Free.
  • Seeb Public Beach (Seeb). This is a long stretch of beach, with some sections quite busy, and some sections accessible only with 4WD. Free.
  • Al Bustan Public Beach (near the Al Bustan Palace Hotel). Named after the hotel, this beach has a good view of the mountains behind. Free.

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