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Shopping in Muscat

  • Mutrah Souq (main entrance along the Corniche, Mutrah). The maze-like souq (marketplace) is often described as the best in the Gulf region. The souq has many shops for jewellery, traditional Omani handicrafts and Omani food at reasonable prices. Some specific items to look for include Arab hand-embroidered mussar (shawls intended to be worn as turbans, OMR10+), garments, nuts, spices, incense, and earthenware. A few shops accept credit cards.
  • Amouage Perfume Factory (near the airport), +968 24 534800. S-Th 08:30-16:00. Amouage perfume is the most expensive perfume in the world, and visitors can learn about its production. It is recommended (but not required) to call beforehand to ensure that someone is available to show you around.
  • Barka Omani Halwa Factory(between Seeb and Barka). 
  • Boraka Halwa FactoryMutrah St(Mutrah).
  • Jawahir Oman JewellersAl Wilaj St(Al Qurum Complex, Al Qurm), +968 24 563239. Sells prized Omani silver, crafted into contemporary jewellery and gifts in a Muscat workshop.
  • Omani Heritage Gallery, Jawharat Al Shatti Shopping Centre (across Al Kharijiyah St from the Royal Opera House, Al Khuwair),  +968 24 696974fax: +968 24 696568, e-mail:. This gallery is operated by a non-profit group which encourages cottage industries.
  • Souq al Jumaa (Friday Market) (Wadi Kabir, Ruwi). Fridays 07:00-21:00. A bustling flea market with everything from jewellery, camping gear, carpets and even cars. There is a section with clothing, and food stalls are also nearby.


  • Muscat City Centre (Seeb). Contains a lot of shops including a large Carrefour Hypermarket. 
  • Oman Avenues Mall (Sultan Qaboos St),  +968 24 540200. Oman Avenues Mall is the largest shopping mall in Oman. Offers shopping, dining, kid zones and entertainment to locals and international tourists. 
  • Sabco Centre (near the turnoff between Sultan Qaboos St and Qurm Heights Rd, Qurm). A collection of about half a dozen medium sized shopping centres which is very popular with locals. The actual Sabco Centre has a small souq-like collection of shops that contains many of the handicrafts that are available in the Mutrah Souq. There is also a Godiva Chocolates shop (tel. +968 24 562367). Opposite the Sabco Centre is the Omani Craftsman's House that only sells guaranteed Made in Oman crafts at fixed (but relatively high) prices.


  • Al Meera (Azaiba), +968 24 583444. A Qatari-based chain.
  • Lulu HypermarketAl Mina St (Mutrah). All Lulu's branches have delis offering takeaways.
  • Lulu Hypermarket Wadi Kabir63 St (Ruwi).
  • Lulu HypermarketAs Sultan Qaboos St (Ghubrah), +968 24 504504.This location is particularly convenient if you're looking to stock up before heading to the mountains.
  • Carrefour HypermarketQurum City Centre. There is another Carrefour located in Muscat city centre (see listing above).
  • Sultan Shopping Center (Al Qurm).


There are numerous Indian-run tailors. An Italian-style suits typically costs 5 OMR.

  • The Raymond Shop (Assarain Textiles LLC), Ruwi High Street, Ruwi+968 2483 0149, +968 9926 7972, e-mail: .Customs suits costing from OMR50-60 each in fabrics from pure wool, wool blends, Cashmere, Mohair, Angora and linen.

Money Changers

  • Oman-UAE Exchange Centres - LuLu Hypermarkets, Ghala and Ruwi
  • Global Money Exchange - Ruwi
  • travelex - Seeb International Airport
  • Purshottam Kanji - Ruwi
  • Mustafa Sultan Exchange - Many outlets throughout Oman

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