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Things to know

Things to know about Muscat


ATMs are very common now, especially in the Embassy district and near most shopping malls, larger hotels, petrol stations and supermarkets. Also, every little neighbourhood has a several bank branches.

Bank Muscat is by far the largest bank in Oman and one of the largest in Gulf. It has over 230 ATMs all around Muscat.


There are some very good gymnasiums in the 4 to 5 star hotels and some privately run gyms in other places like Millennium Gym, Horizon Gym etc. You may pay money for that extra with the number of days you stay in Muscat.


  • KIMS Oman Hospital, Darsait
  • Muscat Private Hospital, Ghubrah
  • Al Nahda Hospital, Ghubrah
  • Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Al Hamriya
  • Al Shatti Hospital, Shatti al Qurum
  • Atlas Star Medical Centre, Bausher
  • Al Amal Medical Centre-Al Wadi Al Kabir, Al-Khuwair
  • Royal Hospital
  • Badr Al Sama Hospital-Ruwi,Al Khuwair, Al Khoud,Barka,Sohar,Salalah
  • Babylon Medical Centre, Amerat


Laundry charges 4-star hotel are high. Prices are much lower at any of the numerous Indian run laundries, although clothes left on a Monday typically won't be ready until Wednesday.

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