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Coffee & Drink

Coffee & Drink in Karachi

Obtaining alcohol is easier and less harassing than in the rest of the Pakistan but still, drinking alcohol in public areas including restaurants is banned and strongly discouraged, and only legal wine shops are allowed to sell alcohol. The signs of wine shops are usually marked with blue and red colour stripes (which indicates they're legalised), have no area to sit and drink, mostly sell locally produced brand such as Murree Brewery and are usually closed on Fridays. And even though, Karachi has the largest number of wine shops but still finding one can be hassle for a newcomer since most of the taxi and rickshaw drivers simply deny knowing of the shop whereabouts as alcohol is considered taboo in the society.

Café culture is on the rise in the city and there are numerous excellent places to sit and spend evenings. Coffee shops, cigar lounges, juice and ice cream parlours are all in plentiful and scattered throughout the city, mostly in Defence and Clifton areas. Nightlife in Karachi is livelier than in other Pakistani cities although nightclubs can't be found easily (except a few that have recently popped up across the city but are very private), there are some fantastic restaurants that offer musical and theatrical performances on a daily basis.

  • Agha Juice HouseNear Jamia Masjid, Block No. 1, Nazimabad. Daily 11:30-02:45. A chain serving fresh fruit juices from all seasonal fruits and some good shakes. There are no more branches but some fake have made them at: Opp Amber Auditorium Bahadurabad, Main Rashid Minhas Road, Gushan Iqbal and Khadda Market Defence.
  • EspressoDolmen City Mall, Clifton (Marine Promenade),  +92-21-3486-0245, toll-free: +92-21-111-393-377. 08:30-00:0). The bigger branch of a local coffee chain house, Espresso is very popular among the young generation serve all type of hot and cold coffee, milkshakes, fruit juices as well light snacks. Free WIFI. Four more branches in the city. Rs.500-800.


Apart from the many good restaurant there are also plenty of cafes with pleasant ambience:

  • Butlers Chocolate CaféMain Road, Off 6th Commercial Lane, Zamzama+92 21 3530-1927. 07:00-14:00. The Irish chocolatier has an upmarket and elegant cafe offering chocolates and gifts. Rs 800-1,000.
  • Casbah & 007 Club (Beach Luxury hotel), M T Khan Rd+92 21 561-1031.Saturday night dance party. Couples only. Call to confirm.
  • Cinnamon LoungeAvari Towers, Fatimah Jinnah Rd,  +92 21 3566-0100. 24 hr. Casual cafe located inside a splurge hotel offering many desserts, snacks and good coffee. Rs 1,000-1,500.
  • Gloria Jeans Coffeelocated at many places such as in Dolmen City Mall. branch of the global chain.
  • Koel CafeF-42/2, Block 4, Scheme # 5, Clifton,  +92 21 3530-9745. A nice open air cafe with good Continental food and in a pleasant atmosphere. Rs 1,000-1,500.
  • Latte Lounge47-C, Main khayaban-e-Sehr, Phase 6, Defence+92 21 3535-0877. 11:00-23:00. Popular among youngsters, cafe offers continental food, many homemade baked goods, coffee as well as shisha in a nice pleasant atmosphere. Rs 500-800.
  • Purple Haze66C-68C, 25th St Tauheed Commercial, Defence (In the basement of 'Evolution' restaurant), +92 21 3586-0941. 13:00-01:00. Serves excellent desserts and shisha. Karaoke nights are usually fun. Rs 800-1,000.

Cigar lounges

Karachi's cigar lounges stock good quality international brands including authentic Cuban cigars. These places have luxurious interiors and can give the illusion of being in a 1950s film.

For Sheesha lovers, "Indulge," a chain of cigar lounges, have branches in Park Tower, Millennium Mall, Rashid Minhas Road, and Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

  • Castro's Cigar LoungeCarlton Hotel, DC-5, Opp. Zulfiqar St, Phase 8, Defence,  +92-21-3453-4176.
  • Cigar Bar6th Commercial Lane, Zamzama, Phase 5, D.H.A.,  +92 21 530-2006.
  • Club Havana10, Vawda House, 10th Commercial Lane, Zamzama, Phase 5, Defence+92-21-3582-1696. 11:30-00:30. A unique, cozy and tranquil atmosphere cigar lounge in the city often play music in the background. Has a large collection of cigars. Rs 800-1,000.

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