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Festivals & Events

Festivals & Events in Karachi

Karachi, located on the southern coast of Pakistan, has bloomed into a major metropolis and one of the most vibrant cities in South Asia. Being one of the largest and most culturally advanced cities in the area, it is only natural that Karachi would play host to some great festivals. Plan your vacation around one of these exciting festivals for a great time soaking up the culture of Asia.

The Sindh Festival

This eco-friendly festival promotes the idea of the Sindh (Karachi is located in the Sindh province of Pakistan) coastline as a progressive, green and friendly place to visit, bring your business or if you're a local, just hang out and be proud of. The festival features villages themed around health, culture & heritage, the local fishing industry, business, sports, food and more, as well as displays by the Pakistani armed forces and Navy. The Sindh Festival has been happening in Karachi since 2001.

The KaraFilm Festival

The KaraFilm Festival is a cutting edge film festival that showcases the up and coming films of local and international talents. The KaraFilm Festival is organized by the KaraFilm Society and was first established in 2001. The festival usually occurs around the beginning of the year, and as many as 35,000 people have attended past festivals.

All Pakistan Music Conference

This classical music conference has played host to numerous world-famous classical musicians and has been a great treat for music lovers since it inception in 1959.  The All Pakistan Music Conference hosts yearly festivals and concerts held every month. It is a great place to learn about the native music of Pakistan, and hear some of the very talented vocalists and musicians the country has to offer.

Hamara Karachi

The Hamara Karachi festival is a great way to learn about and enjoy the culture of Sindh province and Pakistan. The festival, showcases debate competitions, exhibitions of historical artifacts, flower shows, parades and floats, fireworks and concerts. You can also enjoy a wide variety of food, as well as film and fine arts. Not to be missed is the donkey race, or if you enjoy it, their is also a cricket match as part of the festival. The festival usually occurs around the end of February to the early March, and is well worth checking out. First started in 2007, the Hamara Karachi is put on by the City District Government of Karachi.

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