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Nightlife in Karachi

Nightlife exists in Karachi and has become the envy of the region. Bars, nightclubs and dance halls have sprouted across the city and some people have also made entertainment venues in their own homes, but these are not easy to find. There are no open 'night clubs' in the city; however, periodic special events are organised in various venues about once every two months – spread by word-of-mouth.and the most beautiful and entertaining than these Bars and clubs is Sea View,here you can not only enjoy camel and horse ride but also Beach bikes with lights on them and they look beautiful and charming and entertaining too, everyday (if there is no strike).

  • Dumpukht, (Marriott Hotel). Live Indian traditional dancer every night except Monday from 20:00-23:30.
  • PC hotel, Live band playing all types of music followed by Ghazals from 20:30-23:00. Live Ghazal band from 23:00-01:00.

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