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Food & Restaurants

Food & Restaurants in Lahore

Lahoris are famed for their food and for their consumption thereof. This is reflected in the array of restaurants in town.


Every Lahori food item has an expert attached to it.

  • For nihari, go to Haji Nihari on Jail Road or inside Lohari Gate ; for chicken paratha rolls go to Karachi Silver Spoon in Liberty Market, and so on.
  • The 'Food Street' of Gowal Mandi is a must-visit for dinner - you'll find a street full of shops selling fine Lahori fare, and the setting, amidst traditional jharoka architecture, is lovely. If you make it to Food Street, go by auto rickshaw (30rupees) or walk to Mochi Gate and try Rasheeds kebabs or Saiyns kebabs. Mochi Gate is also home to Fazal Sweets and Rafique Sweet House.Bhaiya kabab in Model Town is foremost name in Kabab Street, where you will enjoy bar-b-que with fresh soda. A 200/300 meter long street with historically preserved 2/3 storey old houses on both side which are ligthen up in a very special way giving a very historical and magnificent look. The envoirnment is a real creatio nof culutre of Lahore, the mughla era. You will find around a hundred restaurants in this street which mouth watering menus. Do try Chappal Kababas, Saag with Makai ki roti, Golas of Ice, Sardar ki Machli and anything you like because a lot of variety is present.
  • Phajjay Ke Paye at Red Light Area - Heera Mandi Lahore, is Very famous and highly energetic. For those having physical weakness must try this dish.
  • Chaman Ice Cream, Beaden Road adjacent to Hall Road, Aside Mall Road, Lahore - Serves a vast variety of various flavours of cie creams, ice cream shakes, juices ans stuff. Don't miss it ! Its worth it.
  • Basheer-dar-ul-Mahi at Mazang Chok Lahore - Fried Fish is served in 2/3 forms. You will see people queued up in lines to get their order here. Don't go if you don't have much time. But this fish is worth waiting this much. Parathas and Lassi at Mazang Lahore - Near the Baheer-dal-ul-Mahi is this very cheap and small scale restaurant. Serves paraths of potatoes, minced chicken, egg and others with Tea or delicious Lassi. Don't miss this at breakfast or anytime you want to have something energetic.
  • Gourmet foods is very famous and it has over 100 outlets in Lahore.
  • Student Biryani. Fortress Stadium. Popular Pakistani food chain that is best known for selling its biryani dish. Having beaches all over the city as well in Karachi, Dubai and Sharjah.
  • Cakes and bakes is a very good bakery. On the same range: Kashmir bakery,Bon vivant cafe, Massoms cafe.
  • Bakers Boutique at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Quaid-e Azam Rd.
  • Copper ketel bakery: Phase 2 DHA.
  • Jalal Sons: 12 E main market,Gulberg.
  • Kitchen Cuisine: in Allama Iqbal town, DHA, Defence, Gulberg, Johar Town, Model Town.
  • Rinnas Kitchenette: Xblock, DHA, Lahore.
  • Ice berg Parlour
  • Iceland in Fortress Stadium.
  • Gelato affair: 11 commercial, phase 2 DHA.
  • Khan jee dry fruit and home made ice cream: Comercial area phase 1, DHA.
  • Malees cafe: PSO filling station opposite Apwa college.
  • Marble stones ice creamery: Gulberg, M.M Alam road.
  • The Hot spot: Defence: 19 T block, DHA Phase 2.


Lahore has seen the birth of several mid-range cafes recently. Notably Masoom's for cakes, desserts and coffee, and sandwiches at Coffee, Tea and Company nearby. In Defence, Hot Fuzon is another good cafe and a Masoom's franchise.

  • Mexican cafes: Chalupa in Samnabad which has many tasty Mexican dishes like taco. There is also a bar with night time disco.
  • Gun smoke is another Mexican cafe in MM Alam Road with a very good atmosphere and sitting.
  • Latin, a recently opened Central American-styled cafe with a sheesha bar.
  • Lebanese restaurants: Cock and Bull with three branches in Lahore serving shawarmas.
  • Kim's snack bar in Samnabad. Lahore second best shawarma.

Chinese food is also very popular in Lahore, but be warned that it is very strongly altered to local tastes. One notable example is Hsin Kuang which sits in a pagoda-like structure near Mini Market and is very popular, but the quality varies. It is renowned for its strong-flavoured soup.

  • Mini Golf (National Bank Park near Kalma Chowk). Don't miss this place for great open air atmosphere where you can also get sheesha.
  • MirchiMM Alam Rd. Perhaps the best Lahori food in the city, and is of good hygienic quality. Try the tamatar paneer and the sheesh taouk (charcoal-grileld chicken skewers).
  • Pepperica. This restaurant run by famous Artist Rana Shujaat serves various dishes to suit the tastes of various types of customers. The chicken Jalferazi is the most popular and highly demanded by the customers.
  • Chatkhara. Serves snack food like samosas, chaat and dahi bhallay
  • Balouchi SajjiFortress Stadium. One of the best restaurant in Lahore. Best traditionally grilled lamb and chicken in town and after the meal one must have the traditional kawa (green tea) 3-10 $.
  • Liberty Market. Offers good standard Pakistani food. The mutton karahi at Rs510 is a popular dish and easily serves two people, while most dishes are half that price. They also offer salads, but see the Stay Healthy section below.


  • Cafe Aylanto2-C 9th Commercial Ln,  +92 21 587-5724. Has the best non-Pakistani food in town. Try the shrimp and avocado salad. You can also take your own wine to the restaurant and they'll be happy to serve you; just make sure to inform them on the door, if you have an alcoholic drink with you.
  • ZoukMM Alam Rd,  +92 42 571-2731. One of Lahore's institutions, despite the distressing decor. It serves a mix of Continental and Thai food. It is highly popular among elites.
  • Veranda Bistro6L Gulberg II. lunch & dinner. Extravagantly elegant restaurant with an inventive menu of generally superb food. One of Pakistan's best.Rs2,000+ per head for a nice meal.
  • Freddy's12C MM Alam Rd,  +92 042 575-4416. Family-oriented restaurant which has a safe, vaguely continental menu. Freddy's offers an afternoon high tea buffet, which offers a full variety foods and some drinks.
  • Village103-B-2 MM Alam Rd,  +92 42 578-5523. A vast mud structure which has an all-you-can-eat Pakistani buffet. It's a popular joint to take visiting tourists, as it combines a variety of local foods with good hygiene.
  • Salt n Pepper Grill. Owned by the same company as Village, with a fine à la carte menu. Try their sweet lassi.
  • Ziafat21-C-I MM Alam Rd,  +92 42 575-0760. Authentic Pakistani food in a buffet style. Their menu is not as grand as Village, but the ambiance is a little more laid-back.
  • Dera. Right by the Gaddafi Stadium, sitting on your maniji and gulping lassi, you'll experience a unique truck driver atmosphere here. The food is excellent, but the prices are on the higher end. Favourite among the locals are the assorted naans, chicken mugalahi and mutton chops.
  • Fujiyama87 Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam (inside the Avari Hotel),  +92 42 636-6366 ext 2196. It's the only real Japanese restaurant in town, and is considered to be the most expensive. 2500.
  • NandosPlot No. 100-B/II, M. M. Alam Road, Gulberg III (Near Pizza Hut MM Alam Road),  +92-42-111626367. A globally famous restaurant chain.
  • Costa Nostra. Authentic Italian food, overseen by Pak-Italian owners. Started as a reservation-only, high-end gourmet experience with a rather well put together table d'hote, it now has a basement pizzeria where you can't go wrong if want a pizza pie that resembles something from Rome and not Chicago.

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