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Nightlife in Lahore

Alcohol is illegal for Muslim Pakistanis. Clubbing is quite popular but not easy to find, majority of the clubs being private and invite only.


  • Parties at Farmhouse
  • Caviar Lounge, a bar/club in Royal Palm.
  • Club Bhurban, in Pearl Continental hotel
  • Uptown LA in Defence R block.. the club opens after 11PM at night till 4AM in the morning
  • Peeru's CafeGreen Acres Main Rd. Situated about an hour outside of Lahore. Peeru's, a cafe with an artistic flair. Saturday night is always Jazz Night, Peeru's cafe is really the only place which has live jazz music. Tuesday is Sufi night. Sitting inside, it even feels like some cafe in Venice.
  • Chalupa club.*disco beat in Muslim town.Bon vivant cafe.*panini Italian Cafe.
  • AK lounge:First floor shop4 and 5 in Xinhua mall in Gulberg 3.
  • Cafe rock:56 b3 Gulberg 3 Lahore.
  • Cafe forest:57 T Gulberg,Lahore.
  • Chez Nur bistro:39 C1 Gulberg 3,Lahore.Tel:(92)35759835.
  • Gulberg: 2B 3 Gulberg 3,Lahore,Pakistan.
  • Defence:181/Y Block,phase three DHA,Lahore.
  • Cinamoon Coffee lounge and Bakery:Sharah e Quaid e azam,Avari Hotel, Lahore,Pakistan.
  • Coffee tea and company:3B3 Gulberg,Lahore,Pakistan.
  • Espresso:Chez Casa,Gulberg three,Lahore,Pakistan.
  • Florigelium:73L,Gulberg,Lahore,Pakistan.
  • Gloria Jeans Coffee:
  • Defence:42Z,Commercial,Lahore.
  • Gulberg:25/2B,Kasuri road,Lahore.
  • Lahore Grand:Zafar ali road,Lahore,Pakistan.
  • Lums:DHA,Lahore Cantt,Lahore,Pakistan.
  • Mall of Lahore:172 tufail road,Lahore Cantt,Lahore.
  • Hobnob Cafe:DHA phase 2, Lahore.
  • Jamin Java Cafe:Has three branches in lahore mainly in Defence,Gulberg and johar town.
  • Luciano at ammar belal:Kasuri road,Gulberg,lahore.
  • Malees cafe:At Jail road and inGulberg three at MM.Alam road.
  • White dining lounge:At MM.Alam road,Gulberg,Lahore.
  • World Fashion cafe':Kasuri road, Gaulberg,Lahore.
  • Roasters:Gulberg 3, Lahore.
  • Nadia cafe:pearl continental hotel,sharah e Quaid e azam.
  • Mrs field and tcby cafe:At MM.Alam road,Gulberg,Lahore.

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