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Shopping in Lahore

  • Ferozsons book shop is the oldest book shop in Lahore.
  • Readings bookshop in main boulevard Gulberg and variety books in liberty market are a must see.Last word in Gilbert at 32-A, Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Road.
  • The traditional bazaars of the inner city are roughly divided according to what is produced and/or sold there. Bargaining is de rigueur.
  • The Anarkali bazaar, named after a courtesan who was buried alive for loving a prince, is one of the chief shopping areas.Anarkali Bazaar is a treasure-trove, selling virtually everything from handicraft to transistor radios, tin saucepans to refrigerators. It is a maze of lanes and alleys which stretch northwards from the Mall to the Central Museum's end. The bazaars in the old city are the ones people romanticize in literature and films. They consist of tiny alleys, some of which will admit a rickshaw, a string of donkeys or carts- and pedestrians have to leap into doorways to give room. Some alleys are only possible single file.
  • Ichra Bazaar has the best quality of unstitched silk, cotton and printed material of all sorts. On the other hand Mozang Bazaar sells some particularly interesting hand-block printed cloth, tablecloth and bedspread
  • Panorama, located on Mall Road, an ideal place to buy informal clothes. It houses over 1000 shops so you have a large variety of clothes to choose from and that is too at a competitive price.
  • Trendy types congregate in the Gulberg and Defence suburbs. Liberty Market is a large circular market with hundreds of shops selling clothing, electronics, and so on. A basement shop in Liberty (tell the rickshaw driver it's near H Karim Bakhsh) has good handicrafts, and can be bargained with.
  • link road Model town is also very important shopping district with MC Donalds and pace shopping mall.
  • MM Alam Road is the hippest part of town, with all the most expensive designer shops, including fine furniture and clothing, both Western and Pakistani, and the best restaurants.
  • Raja Centre in Gulberg has a good selection of handloom 'khadi' fabric, both stitched and unstitched. Higher end khadi can be bought at the Khaadi shop in Mini Market.
  • Hafeez Centre is the one of the famous mobile and computer market of the province Punjab, with inexpensive software (pirated), and hardware that can be bargained for.
  • Fortress Stadium has a huge variety of very inexpensive DVDs.
  • Ehsan chappal house has amazing shoes for ladies, also check out Stylo shoes for stylish shoes and clutches/purses
  • Moon Market, one of the premier places of Lahore is less than 100 metres away and one can find things ranging from jewellery market, banks, clothes market (mostly for women and children) to restaurants.For men's (of all the ages) casual and formal wear, there is Kareem Block Market around 2 km away, which is arguably hub of the men's wear.
  • Liberty Market
  • PACE, the ultimate shopping mall, you will everything, food,clothes, electronics, movies in one amazing package!
  • Mall of Lahore in cantonment is a very prestigious shopping mall with a super market named green valley mall.
  • Joray Pull, its a new developing area near airport and Rangers HQ its safe and you do a lot of eating activity here along with shopping.
  • Xinhua Mall, a place where one loves to be especially shopaholic. It has all the brands including international and local, such as Nike, The Body shop, Levis, Cross Roads, Next, Minni Minors and from the local brands we have Ammar Bilal, Nomi Ansari, Out Fitters and Saira Ahsan. Recently Aik Hunar Aik Nagar - AHANopened its flagship outlet at Xinhua Mall which offers best quality traditional handmade products developed by rural clusters, artisans and craft persons. It features all the world's leading brands under one roof.

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