Sights & Landmarks

Sights & Landmarks in Coron

  • There is a cross on the mountain above town, Mt.Tapyas. You can look at it from below or climb up the path. The climb up is worth to see the view of the small islands surrounded by glass-like water.
  • CORON sign Noticeable from the water is a Hollywood style sign up on a hill overlooking the town.
  • Mangroves, natural mangroves are abundant, with magnificent kayak paddling trails. (Local mangrove kayaking tours available through Kingfisher Park)
  • Kayangan Lake P200 entrance fee. Before approaching the lake, go over the cave and glimpse at the great view on top of the mountain. This view is the most photographed area in Palawan. It is also judged as the cleanest lake in the country.
  • Twin Lagoon. The water and towering rocks are great photos (e.g. for posters.) On low tide, experience kayaking under the hole of the rock. At high tide, one can swim through the hole of the rock or a walkway can be used to get to the other side of the lagoon. P100 entrance fee.
  • Barracuda Lake is amazing. Entrance is P100. Bring goggles or snorkels to observe underwater rock formations.
  • CYC Island is nice but gets very busy. It's the only free beach in the area. Entrance fees for the other beaches aren't too steep (P100).
  • Banol is very picturesque with its flower trees set against the rocky island. It has sugary fine white sand in its beachline.
  • Beach 69 is not as good as Banol. Free if you come from Kayangan lake (as of May 2008) however seems unmaintained. Beware of jellyfishes (me and my companion had individual encounters).
  • 7-Islands an excellent snorkeling spot with one of the liveliest reefs in the area. (P100).


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