Things to do

Things to do in Coron

Island hopping

Head down to the Market Pier and rent an authentic Filipino bangka and captain (standardized rental costs vary by destination) Boats generally handle around 6 passengers. It costs 1500 pesos to rent a bangka - irrespective of whether you rent it for half a day or full day. Click here for the current official boat rates. Grab a lunch before you head out, as food is rarely available on any of the outlying islands. You can also buy meat, fish, veggies from the wet market and request the boat captain to barbecue or cook them for you or your group.

  • Coron Island - is a black limestone island with breathtaking cliffs cascading down to thirteen magnificent lakes (only two open to public) and powder white sand coral beaches. It is the home to local attractions Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Banol Beach, Twin Lagoon, and numerous snorkeling areas. Bring mask, fins, and snorkel to observe underwater rock formations. There is a pronounced thermocline, as the island's geothermal energy heats up the water as you descend into the lakes and water around the island. Ancestral home of the local Tagbanua people group.
  • Siete Pecadoes. Among the best sites to snorkel in Coron. It was popularized by the shoot of a local television show of a mermaid love story. Experience swimming in an aquarium, beautiful corals and a great variety of fishes. There is a caretaker who will collect P100 from tourists. Anytime from 9AM to 4PM is good for snorkelling. Current can sometimes be strong in the morning and i can get chilly - take an extra t-shirt to wear when snorkeling. Myth suggests that seven kids swam from the main island to escape it and follow their parents. They all drowned and the place where they drowned is where the islands are now present.
  • Culion Island - the former leper colony. Offers a medical museum and presentation of the old leper colony highlighting the cure of leprosy. The public boat leaves Coron town at 12 noon daily and returns at 7:30AM the next day. Fare is P175.
  • CYC Island - is nice but gets very busy. It's the only free beach in the area. Entrance fees for the other beaches aren't too steep (P100).
  • Smiths island (- is a small island with white sand beach, a care taker family who stays there during the day, eatables (snacks and drinks). ' and stunnign views of white sands and blue seas. The fee to spend some time here is 100 pesos per head. One can reach it while island hopping on a bangka. It takes 20 minutes sailing from Kayangan lake to reach here.
  • Sangat Island - black limestone island with white sand beaches near most of the major WW2 wrecks in the area.
  • Malcapuya Island - Beautiful Island with very fine white sand beach just like Boracay (or better) but without construction. Entrance is P150-200 and is included in tour prices.
  • Banana Island - A longer boat trip from town is beautiful Banana Island, with its white sand beaches and numerous Pacific Giant Clams (local accommodations recommended as it is far from Coron, but it is available as a tour along with Malcapuya)
  • Bulog Beach - Visited as part of a tour along with Banana Island and Malcapuya Beach. It's a very small but stunning beach and you'll likely have it all to yourself.
  • Black Island - another limestone island with white sand beaches located far from town. Nearby are tourist attractions North Kay and Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary(local accommodations recommended as it is far from Coron)


Lots of wreck diving and some decent coral as well. Discovery Divers (on the beautiful 'Discovery Island') and Sea Dive are the big ones, and Coron Divers the cheapest one in the island. There are 6 big wrecks and 2 smaller gunboats, all bombed on 24 September 1944 by the Allied Forces, and they are well worth diving on!

  • Coron Divers. Is the only Dive Center owned by a Filipino. Arni is the big boss. Everything makes you feel in a Filipino family (even more if you stay at Chinette's Coron Reef Pension , just 10m away in front of Coron Divers). Reported to use broken equipment and some boats not built for diving. It's the only dive outfit in town run by Filipinos and also the cheapest.
  • Discovery Divers. Tucked away on 'Discovery Island' a 10 minute boat ride from the pier. Talk to Vivian in Coron town located at the Discovery Bar or get to the pier around 8AM to catch the boat out.
  • Dive CalamianesLocated between the Discovery Bar and downtown. DiveCal is the only dive shop in Coron offering a live aboard trip to the Apo reef.
  • Rocksteady Dive Center. Rocksteady is professionally run by a friendly and very competent German instructor. Rocksteady is located almost a kilometer from the town center, very near the hospital.
  • Neptune Dive Center,  +63 921-760-7492, e-mail:. 8:00-19:00. Neptune Dive Center is one of the newer dive shops in Coron, but is owned and operated by a team that has been living and diving there for years. Emphasis is on small groups and personal service. Neptune Dive Center is the only purpose built dive shop in Coron. Prices are mid-range compared to the other dive shops in the area.
  • SeaDive,  +63 9209458714. They have the only recompression chamber in all of Palawan onsite. The biggest dive shop in town, with divemasters who claim to have over 10,000 dives on the Coron wrecks. Priced higher than the other dive shops. Known for crowded boats and high divemaster to diver ratios.
  • Divingworld, e-mail: . exclusive located in a mangrove swamp on Popototan Island, some 30 minutes' boat ride out of town and offers ADP/CMAS and PADI in the middle of a private bay (only accessible by boat). The staff can help you arrange things to do around the island, own house reef and house wreck (35 m). It is diving base of divingwelt-group (international scuba school with German, English, Russian, Ukraine, Polish and Czech advising).
  • Chindonan Island Resort & Divecenter (Chindonan Divecenter), Chindonan Island, Coron Bay, Palawan (45min from Coron to Chindonan Island),  +63 9477 8538 76, e-mail: .Located in Coron Bay & known for its great location towards all shipwrecks. It takes 10-20min to get to your favorite shipwreck. A dive team there is known for its great service.

Other activities

  • Freediving,  +63 917 432 4911, e-mail: . AIDA Freediving courses. Learn how to do breath hold diving and visit the wrecks without tanks. AIDA* to AIDA*** courses available, duration from one to three days.
  • Kingfisher Park. Offering guided mangrove kayak tours (P500), trekking Mt Lunes Santo + bamboo cooked lunch (P500), and Starry Starry Night mangrove firefly/plankton cruises (P200). visit the website for tour booking details.
  • Maquinit Hot Spring. Offering large pools warmed by the geothermal water spring in the area. The hottest pools cascade into a large pool that empties into the ocean. Beautiful place to hang out in the evening after a long day of activities. (entrance P150, Aug 2011) Accessible by boat or by tricycle from town. Tricycle is normally 300-400p,(4pax) including bringing you back to town after 1–3 hours.
  • Banol Beach Gorgeous white sand beach. Accessible by boat from Coron, about 20mns away, features limestone cliffs going down to this beautiful white sand beach adorned with numerous large Kalachuchi flower trees and tamarind trees. Nipa huts for lunch are located in the shade of the Kalachuchi trees.(entrance P100)
  • Skeleton Wreck is a snorkeling destination near Banol Beach off the coast of Coron Island where there is an old fishing boat wreck. Around it are beautiful corals. Beware of sea urchins. (entrance P100)
  • Atwayan Beach located on the backside of the Skeleton Wreck island near Banol Beach, Atwayan Beach features Nipa huts to have lunch, and a beach volleyball court. (entrance P100)
  • Beach 91 is not as good as Banol. Free if you come from Kayangan Lake however seems unmaintained. Beware of jellyfishes.
  • Mt. Tapyas hike - If you are staying in the Coron main town, you can walk to the foot of Mt. Tapyas or grab a tricycle for P8 (2011). The hike reportedly is a 700+-step stairs to the top, the entrance is found at the side of community basketball court. Experience a breathtaking view of the sunset, recommended to start setting out at 4PM.
  • Horseback riding
  • Mountain bike tours
  • Jungle Treks
  • Calauit Wildlife An island inhabited by imported African wildlife living in harmony with Palawan wildlife. Safari tours available. (local accommodation is required as it is about a 4 hour boat trip from Coron)
  • Kawayanan Resort* Relaxing and quiet place to have peace on the sand. Tree house is way better to experience facing the Coron Reef. 6 km away from Coron town.. 200 metres away from Hotsprings


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